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  1. Thanks, from what i have read it looks like it is a full velocity load
  2. As i start this new journey with a fully converted saiga 12 i have heard MULTIPLE opinions on what type of ammo to use. I bought 100rnds of Federal 2 3/4 1oz 7 1/2 shot, thinking that would be the way to go to quickly break it in. After reading more and more all I hear is how NOT to use 1oz shells? I have found Remington 12 Ga. 2 3/4" 1 1/4 oz #7 1/2 long range for a good bulk price and was wondering if those would be more reliable? Also has anyone ever used hornady zombie max 00 buckshot shells? Thanks
  3. Thank you I guess it's better for them to have a really tight lock then loose, right? there are also mixed opinions on how to fit agp magazines. Some say file the little notch right above the first rib on the side of the mag. And some say to file down the mag release notch (mag). I chose to file the mag release notch before I researched it. Hope it wasn't a wrong move...
  4. I have a an agp magazine and a sgm magazine. After filing a little underneath the notch of both of them so the mag release will catch it still locks real tight. The mag release completely locks under the notch but a good push is needed on the mag release to release the magazine. I'm afraid if I file too much more imma cause the mags to be loose. But afraid if I don't ill mess the mag release up somehow?
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