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  1. I see that I can actually put together the "package" I was discussing at CSS. A bit pricey when all was said and done. The muzzle break is an idea I'll have to pursue next year. All it takes is money thanks for the lead!
  2. My shoulder is usable, but I just don't want to tempt fate and re-injure it. It's taken almost a year to recover from the surgery. The Phoneix Kicklite gets good reviews, but I just didn't know how well it was configured for use on the 7.62x39 with the trigger conversion.
  3. There is a version of the stock without the integral grip. So I'm thinking that stock, a good grip and a moved trigger group.
  4. Just got my Saiga 7.62x39 two days ago and trying to plan my conversion. I would like to get the Phoenix Kicklite stock and add a grip and G2 trigger set. I have a repaired shoulder that I'd like to minimize the recoil impact on. So I keep seeing the Kicklite stock with an included grip that uses the back placed trigger group (stock). Can I just get the Kicklite stock, a G2 trigger kit and a grip to make a conversion that moves the trigger forward and adds a grip (where the stock trigger is)? Gotta start somewhere. Thanks ... be gentle .... I'm new at this.
  5. Thanks for the insights guys. Is Yugo mil-surp even available? I haven't been looking long, but in that time I've never seen it. I assume that is different than Red Army surplus. Tula does seem to be readily available, usually in the .23 to .25 per shot range. SGA has been the only place I've seen carrying GT. So, I have BB, GT and Hornady but wanted to lay in a "small" supply bulk for range shooting.
  6. Doh .... that was the forum discussion I read that detailed the performance of GT ... I just lost sight of the fact that it was this forum. That's what happens when you do google searches ... sigh
  7. I keep reading various opinions on ammo types for ARs, but not too much specifically to the Saiga 7.62x39. In general, I hear that the Gold Tiger is the better performing, Silver Bear next (and a bit cleaner), followed by Brown Bear (also not too bad but can be messier). Wolf and Tula seem to follow behind in performance and consistency. Hornady SST seems to be thought of as a good hunting round. I know ... lots of different opinions, but want to hear what most people are using in their Saiga's. Next question: FMJ, HP, polymer tip, etc ....??? FWIW, I have GT, BB and Hornady SST
  8. So I can "own" and "use" 30-rnd magazines that I got before the law. Retailers just can't sell to Colorado residents. Sherrifs have stated that there is no way to enforce such a law. Gotta love the progressive agenda !!! "Although the sale of high-capacity clips became illegal on Monday, the law is not retroactive and older magazines can still be used if they’ve been already been purchased." "Grandfather Clause. A person may possess a large-capacity magazine if he or she (1) owns the magazine on July 1, 2013 and (2) maintains continuous possession of the magazine. If a person asserts
  9. So should I stick to the Saiga 10-rnd mags and should I be able to find them ... Russian/Bulgarian 30-rnd mags? Are the Yugo ones as good? Thanks guys.
  10. I might just have to get my brother, who lives in Texas, to send me the stack of 30 round mags that I "lent" to him many years ago ....
  11. Yeah, I was relatively pleased. Gonna have to find a source for 10-round mags now since Colorado doesn't allow anything over 15-rounds. Dumb-A$$'s.
  12. Well, I was finally able to find one in stock (http://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=24_29_30_31&products_id=8874) at Lanbo's Armory. Price wasn't exactly where I wanted it to be, but I pulled the trigger anyway. Now I'll have to look into the options for "conversions" .... YEAH!
  13. Didn't see this until 2:00 am this morning, put the last one in my cart, filled out the FFL email ... then started looking at VEPR's ... you know ... just in case. Then my internet connection (satellite) totally crapped out and I could not get reconnected. Finally got back to my cart this evening ... and the last one was gone. DOH!
  14. Gad ... still hopin' for a Black Friday deal ... even free shipping. It's starting to look like I'll have to drop $600 (rifle, shipping, FFL fees) before I can even start to make a mod. sigh .....
  15. Well ... that saves me from sneaking in there to check for myself ...
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