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    20140422 171833

    Me shooting the kushnapup (update video)
  2. video update of it in action. First time wife had ever heard it!
  3. You can see the reflection of my dress slacks in the carpet. And thanks for all of the helpful info.
  4. Saw those! was wondering if there was any history behind it. Thanks though for the reply! I think I'm going to hang on to it.
  5. Starting this post because I am stuck at a crossroad. I have had a certain sling upstairs tucked away in storage for quite some time now and I cannot seem to find any information ANYWHERE regarding it. It has on it "KALASHNIKOV USA" on the front and "MADE IN RUSSIA" stamped on the back. There is also some stamping on the leather. I find it to be a pretty cool piece. I would love it someone could educate me a little bit more on it. I also searched forums and was not able to find anything, but sorry in advance if there is already a topic. Thanks guys Posted below are a few pictures I took before heading off to work. I know the quality is kind of crappy, but let me know if this sling is even worth anything. thanks again Front Front zoomed Back Made in Russia Print Some kind of logo/phrase stamped into the leather
  6. I was wearing ear protection as always "bro" Guy infront of me to the left was not and was trying to film as well as cover his ears which is why he says "yeah". and thanks, fun gun to shoot. trigger finally running smoothly.
  7. update video Friend shooting .308
  8. cSnells

    20140422 171833

    dad, the sgm is already in the air headed to me. If it does not work well or adds too much weight, I will get the m60, thanks for the advice. Deadeye, regarding conversion, I had to do a ton of fabricating. It is currently running the g2 trigger conversion single hook. I first had to dremel the trigger channel wider so that the width of the trigger could fit through. The next obstacle was the length from where the trigger pin is and the actual trigger. Long story short, the trigger pull is 4.25 lbs, and one stage. You cannot do a regular trigger conversion because of where the guiderod is for the kush platform without alot of time spent manipulating parts. Hope this helps, if there are anymore questions I would love to answer them Also, this gun is mostly used to hog and deer hunts. My wife and I have a landing strip out on our land out of the city in LA. , and that is the only place I have used silhouettes to shoot and sight in. The groupings at 100 yards have been very good. Recoil is non existent. Loudness is VERY existent hah as well as some flamethrower action. I would also like any suggestions on a lighter easier Mag Release option. As far as parts added Kushnapup Stock Matte White Cerakote paint 600 Lumen flashlight (for hog hunts) 3-9x32 scope Trs-25 red dot SGM recoil pad Tromix smooth charging handle Krebs mk VI Safety Lever Tapco G2 trigger conversion Custom Gas Tube work for Picatinny mount UTG 13 Slot Riser SGM 308 Muzzle Brake (on its way and painting matte white) 2 X 5 rnd Magazines for deer hunting 1 X factory 8 rnd Mag 4 X 24 Rnd Mag for hogs and fun Will upload video of shooting in near future
  9. My .308 20 Rnd Magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. cSnells

    20140422 171833

    Not gonna lie, good and fun. The trigger still needs some work. Other con is the weight at 11.8 lbs. Still waiting on sgm brake. I know it looks like alot going on up top, but it really is not that bad behind the gun. trs comes off scope easy anyways, normally shoot it with just 3x9 no red dot also, thanks for motivating my kpup 308 build
  11. cSnells

    20140422 171833

    My K-Pup
  12. Not anywhere close in depth, but 308 done. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/93191-my-308-kushnapup-conversion/
  13. cSnells


    Finished Product
  14. Un-boxed polymer kit. Was way more sturdy than I thought, but looked great. (borrowed pic) After removing the buttstock and forend, some sandblasting and painting (cerakote). I had a halfway done finished product. Finally, after sawing off the tangs and doing some cutting around the mag release. The finished "broken" down product. And finally, after 2 months of being lazy. I am pleased with the matte white / black contrast. It looks even more amazing in person. I have yet to fire it since conversion. I did some work on the trigger to make it more smooth and clean flowing, still heavy. Also had to remove a few ribs from the polymer so that the safety lever could slide flawlessly. Barska 5mw laser, 600 lumen tactical flashlight, trs-25 scope (plan on getting better) tromix smooth charging handle, Krebs Custom Mk VI Safety Lever, SGM Recoil pad and plan on buying a SGM Tac Muzzle Brake (painting it white) Over all, proud of the gun. I would love some comments. I respect your opinions, and I know people will not like the kushnapup conversion. Just a time killer and the results were pleasing. I still have to somehow mount the a Picatinny rail on the gas tube for the red dot. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know I am new to the forums, but thank you for checking it out! Connor
  15. I loved my stock .308 but wanted to make it more exciting. I have owned only a couple of guns, but have never really made one "mine". Gun Started off stock, simple, great. The only non stock thing I had were the 24rd Magazines, and some cheap ass hunting / plinking ammo. The OAL length was never a problem, and gun performed flawlessly during hunts. Nosler Ballistic Tip dropped this 260 lb Hog with 1 shot. Whole right side of face blown off where arrow pointing. (Nosler) For reference purposes: Nosler 30 Cal I was also able to drop two 115-135 lb Doe 20 minutes later with my Hornandy Hollow Point All 3 shots accurate as hell. I have had great results with cheap (Tula, PMC) ammo and expensive hunting rounds. However, Federal Power Shok has given me some trouble for some reason. After getting some good use out of the gun, Bored of its look and simplicity, I decided to spruce things up a little bit. I know the kush conversion is a personally preference, But I liked the look and wanted the shorter OAL. So I ventured into doing it.
  16. I have seen other threads regarding the .223 kush JB weld picatinny mount (which was gorgeous by the way, and awesome green color). I was wondering if there have been any updates or new ways of mounting a picatinny rail on the gas tube of the .308 without interfering with piston. Gun is about half way built. Have red dot, recoil pad, side rail mounts, lasers flashlights sling ect ready to go. Just need tangs sawed off, picatinny rail on tube and dremel around magazine release. (Screws are out in pic) Does not sit flush because of Mag release All comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks
  17. cSnells

    .308 Kushnapup

    Just finished sandblasting, cerakoted matte white. still need to dremel back near mag release so it fits flush. Tangs chopped, and gas tube picatinny mount. any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  18. Yeah new to the saiga rifle. Have to start somewhere. Hostility over the internet is amusing however.
  19. yeah 51 longer than 39. You da best thanks man. Much appreciated
  20. I am bad at using the forum for searching topics, but need an easy answer. Sorry for double posting if topic exists. Almost finished with my .308 Kushnapup conversion, and a friend gave me a tapco 7.62x39 magazine. Will my saiga .308 shoot 7.62x39 and 7.62x51 or just .308 Ammo? I heard saiga 7.62 cannot fire .308 but that the .308 could fire 7.62 ect. Appreciate all answers in advance. Will post pictures of final product once done. Sand blasting polymer and painting Matte White. Cheers everyone and thanks -Connor
  21. cSnells


    My K-Pup
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