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  1. I followed Iraqveteran8888's videos this, thread and a Carolina shooter supply video. I used a combination of the 3 methods. If you are about to convert yours you need a new axis pin retaining spring. You can't reuse the original with a pistol grip. I didn't realize this until I was almost done putting it back together. You should add the spring to the list of parts needed. Unless you have a way to reuse it.
  2. That would make sense for them. I plan on converting mine anyway pretty soon. It is stock now and shoots great. Thanks for saving me money.
  3. I stand corrected. That explains why I haven't found info about it. One less parts to buy.
  4. Yeah, at least the slide fires I've seen do. The bumpski doesn't. That's what I thought too, but I'm trying to figure out if it will work after getting pounded on the shotgun. Plus the friction of plastic on plastic might be different. Thats
  5. I have a CAA plastic buffer tube on an ak rifle, it's less than half the price of aluminum and I like the angle compared to the vltor. It works great. Has anyone had good luck with them combined with a slide fire? I've been sifting through old threads full of broken links and found good info about each tube but, I am wondering if I can cheap out here or if a slide fire+ 12ga will just destroy the plastic one? I am in the process of ordering parts for conversion. Don't hate me for wanting a slide fire shotgun.
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