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  1. That's right.. none of us here own any guns.. we just like to talk about them, & pretend we do.. We are all terrified of real guns, & want our govt to protect us from the crazies who actually own them..
  2. I'll post both the vepr 12 & the 308...
  3. It's what you get when non gun people make reviews.. obviously clueless.. 'unusually powerful' ?? really? More than any firearm in history, i bet.. BTW, what caliber is this 'unusually powerful gun?' 'today's most demanding tactical shooter' How about it, guys? How demanding are you? Or are you a REAL 'tactical shooter?' 'the ARX100 is reasonably priced at $1,950, which does not include bullets' What??!? No bullets??!! What's the point, then, of buying this stupid gun if it doesn't even come with bullets! NO mention of calibers, barrel length, weight,
  4. Alright. It's about time i put up some eye candy. ..especially since siagas & veprs are being banned, the fury might have to do as a tactical mag shotgun. I'll put up some pics of the fury alone, & some side by side with the vepr, for comparison. ..with the 10 round factory mag.. evidently these are as rare as hen's teeth, now. The 2- 5 round mags came with it. Compared to the vepr 12: Both have a magwell & bolt hold open.. Inside the receivers. The rods, bolts & springs.. the veprs are on top.
  5. I bought mine last year, but if i hadn't, no way would i get into bidding wars with a bunch of hysterical people living in fear. I'd just wait it out.. it sucks for the vendors, & the aftermarket sellers, but they will have to diversify to keep margins up. I haven't bought 22 LR for the same reason. I just don't shoot it much, anymore. I still have a few bricks to fall back on. A local gun shop tried to sell me some unique powder for double the msrp a cpl yrs back.. No way. I won't support gouging. Sometimes there is irrational hysteria in the world, & reasonable people just
  6. I'm very happy with my v12 & v308.. no way will i sell them. I've only sold a couple, & ALWAYS regretted it later. I've traded a few, as well, & generally miss the ones traded. Better to collect & keep everything!
  7. Hmm.. in the last couple of weeks, i've gotten: 1. canik s-120 9mm pistol 2. hogue pistol grip, sgm forend, gl shock stock & law tactical folder for v-308 3. new mags for 308 4. mechtech carbine upper for glock 19. 5. stock adapter & scope mount for v308 6. grips, holster for canik 7. 4227 powder on the way, with a few more primers. There's probably more.. but too much already. Time to ride things out & not buy anymore for a while. But... my reloader needs a part, I need a 45colt lever, an ak in 7.62x39, & a bigger gun safe.
  8. Yes, if he didn't, he missed the window. Might have to go to a fury to get a cheap mag shottie!
  9. I'll try to get some pics up from the fury's bolt.. the problem is, the last time it deformed the bolt a bit, i smoothed everything up, filed away the deformation, & made it cycle a lot better. So, until i shoot it a bunch more, it won't show anything on the pics.. But! I do have some pics of the finished vepr 12, & just in time for the import ban! On it are hogue pistol & foregrip, & the factory folding stock, & css brake. The rest is factory. I'll probably end up trading off the fury.. but i'm in no hurry, & it does work pretty good since i f
  10. I bought it at j&g sales in prescott, when i bought the fury. Evidently, no one has them anymore. As long as they sell the furys, i would think they'd ship more in, or at least an aftermarket vendor would make some up. The factory ones look good.. just like a factory vepr. ..but they are not interchangeable. Too bad they didn't just make it saiga or vepr compatible in the first place.
  11. ok, not 'eyeing' it anymore... it's coming to an ffl near me. I got it from buds, for $335 shipped. Chrome, s-120, all steel, full sized, 2 17 rnd mags. I'll give a mini review when i shoot it.
  12. I've been eyeing the s-120 in chrome.. anyone have one of those? I guess it is a cz 75b clone, but a good pistol, from the reviews i've read.
  13. ..not much more to say.. i don't shoot the fury as much.. the vepr is much smoother, less recoil, hits clay better, & handles the low power loads better. No more than i shoot either of them, i will not wear them out. But even though the vepr was twice as much, i think it is twice the firearm. The fury's bolt has a little deforming from impact, while the vepr is still hard & straight.. hmm... no jokes on that.. I put a hogue tactile forend & grip on the vepr, modified slightly from an ak package. The fury is still bone stock, & likely will stay that way, since few mo
  14. i got one a few years back, then got a carbine type 53 last year. It's tough to beat for a high powered rifle cartridge on the cheap. There are tons of mods, upgrades, & modernizations you can do, too.. but i kind of like the classic look. I've got a hex mosin, too, a 1929 model with all matching ser. #s. It's still a good shooter, but kicks like a mule.
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