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  1. 10 year or 17? 10. And yes, Carnik Con is supposed to be fun, not serious.
  2. I believe these are libtard opinions, can anyone confirm??!!
  3. I'm not sure how many of you guys follow Carnik Con on youtube, but he put out a song called 'Hold an AK' a while ago that is finally up for purchase on his new website. http://carnikcon.com/index.php/music This is pretty much my theme song for life. I'm going to rock this shit in my car every day. I thought some of you would appreciate it as much as I. Here's the original youtube link for the listening pleasure. Operator, operator! Enjoy. *edit* this calls for another bourbon (Eagle Rare!) http://youtu.be/dgpEuCUm6SE
  4. Seriously, you never hear ...'The stabber fled the scene after a confrontation with police'... Lol...their propaganda is so obvious. And yes it sounds silly.
  5. Kids who are not taught a respect for guns are ignorant of their function, and blind to their dangers. Parents who act like guns dont exist (because of emotional assumptions and successful propaganda) are not preparing their children for the real world. Parents who claim to be protecting their kids by keeping them away from guns or gun talk, are sabotaging their defenses against crime and accidents. Yeah, but if people learned about guns and how to handle them safely, and saw them as tools they might...*gasp* stop being afraid of them, and start to appreciate them!! Can't have tha
  6. Everything is a 'huge concern'. I really.....really hate their phrasing. The attempt to come off as genuine and worried reeks from their true intent. There are bg check commercials on TV here now with so-called (former) LEOs saying how 'concerned' they are. Gimme a fucking break.
  7. There are many who would be shown up by this girl. I find this both endearing and bad-ass!!
  8. ...special....boots....mayor's nephew's virginity...real CQB... oh my god, nearly laughed coffee and oatmeal out of my nose. I'll have to finish this later when I can grab a hot chocolate and sit by the fireplace.
  9. full-spectrum-dominance.com *edit* Not impartial. Nothing is purely objective except consciousness. This site has a bent, but links to great info/blogs as well as providing an interesting collection of news stories.
  10. Couldn't the same be said about any gun with the added length of a can? True true!
  11. My thoughts exactly!! This is the most pro-gun ad I've ever seen. They really shot themselves in the foot with this one. Funny, how even when she's calling the police, you hear the bit about the restraining order (which they like to push as being so effective, even though it's completely useless) and then yeah, obviously they don't get there in time. Maybe they got co-inteled! Hahahahha...
  12. Sounds great! Does the Benelli come with it? I must admit my first thought is - how shall one walk around in one's house with this?
  13. Ree-pub-lic? What is this strange system you speak of? Green eco-terrorists make me sick. And facism under the guise of 'green greater good' is textbook facism.
  14. Hobbies, seriously! I also agree that I could stay busy with them 24/7. Today I made an all glass enclosure for my newest venture into entymology. The subject in question is Phanius albeolus, a cute little jumping spider I found as a baby. He's quite a little character. While most spiders I've kept only eat a couple of bugs per week, this ravenous killer took down 6 flies in less than 2 days, the first 5 on the first day (sucessively!) At one point he had a fly, and another ran into his face so he just grabbed that too and proceeded to double-fist (pedi-palp) them. It was nothing sh
  15. I just about died laughing at this. Those women are..."special."
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