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  1. Hey all, finally got back to my s20 today. Last time I shot it I was so disguted I just put it away for a while. Anyway thanks to all the great info on the forum I was able to get my gas block off and enlarge the ports. It was actually pretty easy, I soaked the pins in PB for awhile before starting. Followed mamassingale's pattern, 3 at 3/32 and added one at 5/64. Put in a blackjack buffer. Probably be a week or so before I shoot it but I'll let you know how it works. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hear ya on that one AA re-cvrd. I know mine's not even close to broken in yet. Just enjoy the chase for perfection I guess. The way I see it the gun should run all types of shells, that's why it has the settings on the gas plug, right? I'll pm you soon, maybe we can meet somewhere.
  3. Ok, just ordered the csspecs mag. I'm hoping it will work. I want to be able to depend on the s20 as my HD gun.
  4. Thanks AA re-cvrd, I see you're in Norfolk. I'm in Va Beach. I've read a lot of your posts, you know your stuff about these Saigas.
  5. Thanks Tiger Fire, I think mine is a vg tactical mag, bought it a while back off eBay or gunbroker. It has the waffle pattern on the outside. I have looked at the csspecs mags and will probably order one, was just hoping to save a few bucks and get these working. What else did you have to do to yours? I have polished and mildly profiled the bolt and carrier and the top of the trigger group. Also smoothed the rails of the receiver.
  6. Hello to all. Been lurking for a while, gathering lots of good info and just finished converting my S20. Haven't shot but about 50 rounds, mixed slugs, buck and birdshot. Gas system seems to be ok, cycled federal low brass ok but not Winchester with the stock 5 round mag on setting 2. High brass worked well on setting 1. Had major feeding issues with the plastic 10 rnd mag. Lots of FTE w that mag and several nose dives when feeding into chamber deforming the shell. Looking for any input you guys might have. Attached a pic of my 20 with partner Saiga 5.45. Thanks.
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