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  1. Have your new batch of 20rd saiga 308 come out, or did I miss it already. Thanks
  2. It's real hard to get too much gas on an S20. 100% on the 5 smaller holes better that less bigger ones. I believe 5 around .072 seems like the number but do some more research. The 20gauge is by far the most difficult to get running on cheap birdshot. Keep reading the threads her, plenty of hints/suggestions to get you going!
  3. Saiga030 left vepr right. No mic or calipers available. The outside nub is shorter on the vepr, but also more shallow on the inside. So over all looks about the same thickness from where the op rod hits an the outside nub. OD is within a thousandth
  4. I think we are on same page. I was wondering if gun fun was thinking it was an iz109
  5. I was thinking they were very similar in dia Like a thou or so
  6. Good vid. Can't post all because it's too many mb trim.9629B6B3-9F33-4540-8254-F9604B159F30.MOV
  7. I don't think this the old style. It is setup in a very sexy rifle configuration. With a rifle sights and all. Yes on a shotgun the tapper system give the extra mechanical advantage of psi affecting a larger dia piston. You have to regularly clean this style as it will clog up fast and it's more of a pain to clean. I would start with that. There is some wear on the ejector, and it may need tuned. I would run without the dust cover and see if it will eject better. If the old round don't come out, fix that prob and maybe the feed issue will go away. The 3" steel hull are a lot of mass to accelerate up and out of the gun and it does require a good extractor. Check to see that th extractor is still crisp on the leading edge. But again. Start with the simple stuff first. Clean the gun. You have to stop down and remove the gas tube(upper handguard) to get into the gas block
  8. well if you want to trouble shoot your self you could remove the lrbho, and then test fire. If that doesn't work I would prob send to legion or a smith that is VERY familiar with the 030/vepr shotguns. It sounds like you may not be super confident in your skills, but if the end result is the gun ending up at a gunsmith you don't have to worry about reassy the lrbho. Btw I had major cycling issues with my saiga 030 after attempting to get the lrbho to work. It's basically impossible without a different engagement tab.( the piece that contacts the mag follower and you push with your tigger finger to release the bolt) it eithe won't hold the bolt open or it will drag the bolt if you get it up enough to actually hold open on the last round. There is a post about this issue. If the lrbho is allowed to drag it will round over the edges on the bolt head and the lrbho exasperating the problem and making it even lest reliable. This may or may not be your cycling issue. But on mine it was. I haven't had much time lately but I had to give up on the lrbho on my 030 to trade for consistent cycling. Very disappointed. But am sure a vepr stamped lrbho engagement "bar," for lack of better terms, would solve the problem.
  9. I agree. I weld for a living and the Arsenal guns had to come in with no sporter holes
  10. Ok, well two things stick out. (1)- you said your lrbho spring and nut fell off. So at some point they begin to rise up and make contact with the bolt during normal cycling. (2) you confirmed my suspicions when you said the gun will fall into battery of shook. I would suggest you take a good look at your lrbho. A normally great functioning gun can be inhibited if(when) the iz-433 lrbho is not working right. It will drag the bolt or not work at all. The sheet metal pos that engages it it too short vs the vepr that does work. Legion has noticed this problem and tried to source verp parts for the saiga to remedy. The tell-tale for this symptom is rounded over edges on the lrbho(the part that stops the bolt) as far as cleaning I totally back Rogers just knock out the big chunks, only when it hold the bolt out of battery. 500-1000 rds on birdshot. 100 or so buckshot n slugs if Winchester after (1) lol jk. But I they are like shooting black powder.
  11. Wagnikov

    Home defense

    Yes they will run 100%. Tune it, and stick to that ammo.
  12. There has been a lot going on in my life, haven't done much with guns for months. An email from Atlantic about 27" vepr got my back focused on things I like to think about! Plus winter is when I play with the guns the most. Feels good to dig back into the safe I must say!
  13. Just a guess. But the rear trunnion/barrel extend into the receiver farther. So I think it's there because of the blow back(shorter bolt/carrier) but not for the thrust, so much as stability of the extended trunnion? I really don't know
  14. What is a reasonable price? What did these originally cost.
  15. That really sucks. A few places have one more shipment coming in from what they say. Hope you get one buddy!Do you know of any places to still buy one, and what is the current price? Thank you
  16. They slide in a padded laptop case, with several loaded stick mags and a 50rnd drum. I have it setup as my urban rescue package. Dress like a nerd, carry with the shoulder strap. Can go to the mall or where every, gather up the family and head out without being noticed. Fully packed, perfectly legal, unnoticed, recon in the event of bad news such as another terror attack(false flag) or any other situation that may lead a rapidly decaying social breakdown. It's would be deployed in seconds, giving you ridiculous firepower, range, and accuracy far above any pistol. God willing and police on your side, you could even exchange glock mags. I prefer the .40cal, even with the loss of the drum.
  17. Lmfao! I know that's right. They are brilliant! Make a 100$ gun that msrp for 300$ and sells for 600$ IF you can find it.
  18. I will add the sub2k is so light nibble and handy. That shooting with it really becomes second nature within a couple hundered rounds, instead of the usual couple thousands rounds. What this means is the average shooter, under average conditions will be more accurate, more repeatable, and thus more confident. I say having confident in your system, it more tactical than any accessory, billet do dad, or sub MOA hardware/name brand. So theses "cheapy" plastic guns actually WORK! I have 5 kids and shoot with lots of newbies. They all love the sub2k, and look like operators shooting it.
  19. You had me at "pulled the front sight to open up the vent holes"
  20. How many rounds you talking? How many ports in your gun? What lenght barrel? Tell us more
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