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  1. Yes I will certainly be ensuring 922r compliance with w/e I end up with. Thanks for the suggestion of calling T&N, I will most likely get an estimate from them as well. Thanks so much for all the info everyone, Once I make my final purchase I'll be sure to post it up here!
  2. This is a good discussion, but I'd like to refocus a little. Like I said before, I do not have the time or money to put the hundred if not thousands of rounds in it will take to train up on pump shotguns to the level I am at on semi-autos. At some point in the future I certainly want to, and when that time comes I will likely revaluate my HD choice. But as of now in my specific case I believe semi-auto is the way to go. With that said I am seriously considering this: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=388467364 and would love some feedback regarding that specific shotgun
  3. Thanks a lot of good opinions for both sides! GunFun I was thinking exactly the same thing, I want to take myself (outside of aiming reloading etc) out of the equation as much as possible. I do think as a trunk gun the pumps or semi/pumps might have an edge as generally when I'm driving I'm 100% awake and ready, not groggy and fumblimg in the dark. In terms of legality, I'm almost 100% sure here in VT I would not be unfairly pursued by a gun ban happy DA, but you never know. Definitely something to consider, but I think I'd rather increase my chances of survival to be in court if only slig
  4. Yes I definitely plan to pattern a few different loads. OK well I said I didn't want to change the thread but since there appears to be little interest in my initial post perhaps I'll just open it up a bit (although I still prefer responded to my 1st post). Why is a pump better for HD? For very slightly more reliability we lose ammo capacity, erganomics, ROF, maneuverability, familiarity, and ease of use/reloading. I am aware that with large amounts of practice (time+money I personally do not have ATM and most of what I do have is used on other semi-auto systems) a few of these issues a
  5. Thanks, that's a great link! I'll be sure to ensure proper mag function with all the mags I end up getting. In the same vain is there a most reliable (out of the box) high capacity mag, or are they all on a mostly level field?
  6. It's fine I expected at least one reply like that, your not a dick at all just sharing an honest opinion! I don't want this thread to turn into semi vs pump, I was looking for the info the original post is asking for. There are many reasons I settled on a semi-auto (not the least of which being familiarity) and for the time being I'm sticking to it. Its not the only HD gun I own just the 1st shotgun.
  7. Hello all, I am looking to get a mka 1919 xn or br 99 for home defense purposes. I have some ideas as to how I would like to modify/customize it, but would love some ideas and feedback from you guys. Feel free to critique the following and/or offer up the best HD builds you can think of (on or off a budget). My current thinking is as follows: to not go sbs at the moment due to cost and time. Weight isn't a huge factor as I won't be lugging it around all that much outside of the range (hopefully), however it should still be light enough to manipulate and aquire targets quickly. Abilit
  8. I'm looking to buy a mka 1919 xn, preferably with the stock and/or handgaurd replaced (other modifications welcome), but not required. 922r would be nice as well but again not required. Will negotiate price based on the offering, but I'm not looking to spend more than ~$1000. Thanks!
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