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  1. So, I'm about to mash the checkout button one of two 23" slantback 7.62x54r VEPRs Atlantic is selling (either the plain one for $879 or the one with the G2 trigger and threaded muzzle with FH for $1029.) With 7.62x54r currently being the only affordable full-powered round out there right now and for the foreseeable future I've been shooting a lot of it, but the more I shoot it the more my M44 Mosin has started to seem like a chore instead of a fun plinker. Accuracy is nothing to write home about, it's slow to reload, the notch and post sights kind of suck compared to my nicer milsurp, there's not a lot of useful high-quality upgrades out there that aren't destructive, and overall it just feels mediocre compared to my newer commercial guns or higher-quality milsurp. I've been spoiled by my ARs, FALs, M1, and newer-production bolt actions, I guess With the price of the M44 having roughly doubled since I bought mine I think it's time I sell it and some of my other neglected guns for a VEPR, some accessories, and a pile of surplus tins tall enough to blot out the sun. The only thing that's holding me back from doing it right now is that I see very mixed reports of accuracy with light ball surplus- some people say they are seeing 2 MOA, others are saying that they can get no better than 6" even with a scope and a rest. I have a rough idea of what to expect with AK accuracy, I'm not expecting a VEPR to be able to cloverleaf ammo that came out of a spam can at 200 yards. I'm just looking for something that can match or exceed the Mosin I've got now, something I can easily scope and modify (and provides enough accuracy reach out to our 16" gong at a max range of about 500y.) Is this an unrealistic goal? What kind of accuracy do you get and with what kind of ammo? Which is more accurate as per current hearsay- 20 or 23"?
  2. I scraped around on the inside of the "pocket" and found the other side of the pin (it had been covered with a metal burr and paint.) I think I'll very carefully drill through the pocket to access the pin instead of having to drill out the entire pin
  3. Looking mine over it appears that the bottom pin is blind and would have to be drilled out, because Russia Are they all like that?
  4. Bearclaw, have you looked into this any further? I'm picking up my first VEPR-12 tomorrow and from what I've seen of the stock dimensions I imagine I will be doing the same thing you described in your first post. I'm all of 5'6" and I like to shoot shotguns offhand the same way I would an AR-15 (nose almost to the receiver) so I actually run an ACE ARFX Entry stock with a 1" recoil pad on my current Saiga-12. That's perfect for both my wife and I, so I'd like to shorten the VEPR stock to mimic that.
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