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  1. When the gun fires, the bolt doesn't move at all. It doesn't even try to eject the shell.
  2. Ok I will give that a try. How much should I do it? Im going to take the gun back to the range on Friday.
  3. I think you might be mistaken, or read it wrong. Most will advise against the reliability kit. At least on this forum, can't speak for the hill rods who don't visit here but recommend things on other forums. Hand cycling can help (no mag no ammo tho). Baseline bone stock with factory five round mag before changing things. What do you mean by "hand cycling can help (no mag no ammo)?
  4. 1oz 6 shot 1350 fps I already did that and could only find people recommending to add a reliability kit (which I already did).
  5. What would be a cheap ammo that would work?
  6. I bought a new Saiga 12 along with a reliability kit and installed it before ever even shooting the gun. When I took the gun out to shoot for the first time, it would fire the chambered round, but not even try to eject the spent found. It would just stay in the barrel. I was using cheap Winchester Super Speed loads. I went through all the gas settings, but never had any better luck. What do you think the problem might be? Should I re-install the original parts and try it like that or is it some other issue? Please chime in if you have any thoughts!
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