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  1. I bet you guys have been asked this a hundred times before but I didn't see a thread in the x39 Vepr catagory What kind of accuracy can you expect out of a x39 Vepr at 200, 300 yards? I'm debating whether I want to get a .223 Saiga or a 7.62x39 Vepr. I have a .223 Saiga M now, so a .223 Vepr would be great, but I haven't seen any for sale new. However a x39 Vepr would take surplus mags if I do the bullet guide conversion.
  2. Go by what the stamp on the barrel or receiver says. You can't get a general answer, because a brand new M1A is a modern, brand new gun but it shouldn't be fed heavy .308, i.e. over 172ish grains. If the gun or manual says 7.62 NATO, shoot that. If it says .308 Winchester, you can shoot any safe 7.62x51 or .308 ammo. .308 was developed after 7.62x51, so just keep that in mind when looking at FALs, CETMEs, M1As, and other rifles designed around that time.
  3. I'm finally getting around to building my .223 Saiga M up. I bought an EOTech 512 today from Cabela's, and I need a mount for it. I'm partial to receiver mounted optics on all of my guns, so I want a side mount. I want a quality mount, so a friend of mine suggested the RS AK 300 series mounts. Because the 512 sits high, I know I'll need a low-sitting set up. So my question is if the 310 lower mount, which is designed for the Romanian M10, works well with Saigas and if there's anything I need to keep in mind.
  4. Anyone have any experience with the .223 SGM mags? I'd like to buy seven next week for my .223 Saiga M that I won't be converting (I like the length of pull in comparison to a traditional AK and it's "featureless"). http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/sgm-223-30rd-mag.htm
  5. Got the rifle back today. It doesn't wobble, so that's good. I'll be shooting it this weekend at 100/200 yards just to test function - if it shoots at or under 3MOA, I'll be happy.
  6. Saturday, April 5 at noon on the North Side Capitol Grounds in Hartford. Just wanted to post this since CT is looking like the frontline for gun rights in America. I'll probably be going to this, unless an RI group has an event on the same day. https://www.facebook.com/events/393493400796351/?previousaction=join&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular&source=1
  7. Good news! I got a tracking number from Legion in my email, so I should have the rifle by this weekend.
  8. I went to Cabela's today and the Coyote Special was for sale at $200 also. Didn't have the spare cash, however it's an excellent, clear scope and I'll be buying one. I compared it against a Prostaff, and the CS is cheaper and clearer. Hands down, going with the Coyote Special once I get the cash.
  9. Yeah I've heard good things about the BDC reticles. I've only used a regular duplex fine crosshair before, so I want to see before I buy.
  10. UPS tracking # says that Legion received the rifle today. Anyways, a little info as to why I got this rifle. My dad and I are taking up coyote hunting, and I bought this since .223 is a good semi auto caliber for coyote, plus it's a lot easier to find .223 anywhere than it is to find 5.45x39. I am going to scope this rifle, but I haven't picked out a scope yet. Going to a Cabela's this Friday to see what I like for scopes. Thinking of a Nikon 2.5-10x50 scope because most of my hunting will be done in heavy forest, brush, and farmland, so I don't think I'd need anything bigger than 3 power.
  11. I shipped my rifle back to Legion tonight. Should be there by Wednesday.
  12. I tried a rubber mallet a lot and it didn't work, plus some PB Blaster, WD 40, and it didn't want to come off. I think I'd be able to get the stock off if I had a vise to put the rifle in, but I don't. so I'm going to send it back Friday. I'm not going to mod this rifle.
  13. I sprayed the small gap between the metal part of the stock and the receiver with WD 40 and I'll let that sit until tomorrow. Plenty of snow tomorrow means time to work on the gun. If not, I'll send it back to Legion.
  14. No, the weld material is gone. But I can't get the button to be flush with the receiver by about 1/4".
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