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  1. It will fire low brass on setting 1 but not setting 2?
  2. Yeah thats the plan!! This will be my first season shooting 3 gun. Bunch of my local clubs have matches at least once a month. http://www.mifflincosportsmens.com/3gunshoot.html http://yorkpistol.blogspot.com/2014/03/june-multi-gun-payouts.html?spref=tw You guys should come to PA for some matches!!
  3. I installed my R&R Comps over the weekend. Test fired about 50 rounds into my bench bullet trap all I can say is WOW what a difference in recoil!! Still may add a few more ports to the barrel though. All thats left now in Rem chokes and magwell.
  4. Here is my saiga I've been building for 3 gun. - Tig welded all the holes unused in the receiver - Shorten the gas system and weld blend in new bolt carrier extension - Reamed and polished forcing cone - Polished/stoned bolt - Jard trigger - Left side charging handle - Custom AR style safety with internal detent - Custom gas tube/sight mount R&R - AR stock adaptor, trigger guard. I still need to thread barrel for Rem chokes, install magwell, install mid-barrel comps, and Cerakote the gun.
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