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  1. Cheapest way for good results is to use a Phoenix stock for around $30. These are light, well made, and have a storage hole for small what evers. Amazon has them sometimes and Center Fire Systems stocks them.
  2. I've threaded 5 Saigas and 1 Vepr using a quality threading die. You must use a thread barrel ID guide or else you will have a mess. I have no idea what a TAT is by the way. I also fell for the Amazon POS die but let it sit a long time before trying it and finding it China junk. So it sits in a drawer as a reminder to me.
  3. Here are 2 photos. One had a lead cut by Century on my 5.45 Saiga after I sent it back for failure to feed. Photo 2 shows my Century AK74- M74 with the factory 360 degree lead chamfer. . I hope this helps ?
  4. HA ! This RAS ammo is crap ! The only time my Saiga, Waffen Werks, or M74 have a fail to extract is when I'm using up the last of that crap ammo ! Now that's 3 AK74's all having the same problem only when using that junk ammo ! My cure for stuck RAS casings is to use a AK steel cleaning rod and stell hammer. Then do a good job of cleaning out the chamber.
  5. My scale shows the Tapco vented brake to be the lightest around. To drop a little more weight go to a Phoenix butt stock from Center Fire Systems or Amazon for about $30..
  6. Magpul also said they will offer the popular plum color on their mags.
  7. Anyone beleive that these two companies aren't talking ?
  8. I "think" the above one is over done ? The "humps" are gone rather than rounded off. Be carefull not to mess with the flat on the top as that strikes the firing pin. And polish the end bosses where the pins go thru.. You can buy a complete Tapco FCG group at gun shows or online for $25. and have a spare to experiment with.
  9. The question is can you replace this "made in Russian" Saiga with a quality rifle for that price ? Most of us don't expect this ban/EO to ever be lifted. That will make the Saiga's of all flavors sought after even more. If this was my rifle I'd thread the muzzle, file the mag catch to accept 30 rd. mags, and add a quad rail on it for a easy full conversion and value of about $1100. / $1200. Note my Saiga 5.45 shown with full conversion at signature.
  10. Hmmmm me thinks you need better photos ?
  11. Stock up on the spam cans and you won't have to worry.
  12. All Saiga's are test fired at the factory. You should have gotten a QC buy off page in the owners booklet.
  13. I've found the Tapco mags $12, and the Bulgy commercial $15 ones. work very well as do the Comm Bloc surplus $25 -$35. Just stay away from Pro Mags and others like that.
  14. Here is my Vepr that I converted. I'm keeping the OEM furniture as it places my finger tip perfectly on the trigger. Thus making this rifle very accurate, now all I have to do is blood it. Tapping the trunnion for the bullet guide had me sweating bullets, that steel is very hard.
  15. I installed of of these single wire springs in my 7.62 Vepr, jury still out on that mod.
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