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  1. brothercooter

    Cobra customer pic thread!

    Cobra's polished bolt and bolt carrier group installed Another view bottom view Love this man's work this saiga 12 cycles on a closed bolt EVERY TIME! Smooth, silky smooth!
  2. brothercooter

    BEST way to get the absolute best and fastest service....

    A short analogy if you will... Guys, look at your saiga 12 like a used car you just bought to restore. You have lots and lots of options, the canvas is blank but if you bought it turn it into a hot rod you have to pop the hood and rebuild the engine. Saiga 12 is the same way, if you want it to "run" smoothly and "start" every time you pull the trigger and accelerate to "60 in 4 seconds" it is undeniable that you have to have your bolt, trigger and BCG reworked (polished) /(tuned) for maximum performance. Sure, you can dress up (paint) the outside, hang all kinds of "cool factors" on it but the internals are stil "factory built". So, do you want it to "run" like a hot rod or "look like a hot rod" at the end of the day $210 and 2 weeks will get you a lot further down the road literally than a collapsible stock, quad rail and an optic... Just my two cents from experience been down both roads with multiple calibers of weapons, it's whats on the inside that counts when it comes to a semi automatic weapons system.