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  1. Lmk how that goes. I was kinda hoping for someone to get rid of the rivets, weld a new trigger guard and that sorta stuff. And someone who knows a lot about it because im surely no expert and dont even know exactly what I want
  2. Yes im in wa. Sorry. Renton to be exact
  3. Ive seen a couple similar posts but I think mine is slightly different. Im wondering if theres a good gun smith in wa. Basically I want to drop off my unmodified turd (saiga 12) and receive back a well functioning reliable weapon. Im not interested in doing a conversion myself because 1. I'm looking for a little more and 2. I dont want it to be a hack job. I wanted to send it to tromix but theres a 15 month lead time! Ill wait if I have to though. Thoughts?
  4. Renton wa. Should be buying a saiga any day now. I spend lots of time down in tacoma too
  5. The last couple days I've been researching what shotgun I wanted and I heard some good things about tromix. But after reading these awsome reviews I cant wait to get the ball rolling. I even felt compelled to join this sight. I hope the demand has cooled off a bit and the wait isnt too long! Also sorry to necro an old thread
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