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  1. Thank you. Also, thanks for being so nice to a noob like me. I'll order them right now.
  2. http://dpharms.com/products/saiga_accessories/saiga_shotgun_axis_pins.html Is this the correct size? Thank you guys. I probably would have ruined the whole thing if you hadn't helped me. I inspected the receiver and while the bit did grind the holes just a bit, by the looks of it, I think it's far from ruined. oops, sorry, my text didn't show up. I mean't to ask if these were the right pins. Also, thank you guys for stopping me before I ruined it. By the looks of it the receiver will be fine... I may have to replace the spring though.
  3. Oh crap... Thanks for the information. I'l watch the video all the way through and make a battle plan before I do any more metal work.
  4. Here's a before and after image of two Saiga .308s The rivet has a 'shoulder' so it cannot be pounded out. You have to drill into the shoulder about 1/8th of an inch or so for the shoulder to disconnect from the rest of the rivet. Then the pin can be removed. The gun with the rivet in it was converted by a professional. I decided to convert this one myself. Here's my problem. Now I really should have noticed this *facepalm* but I had the hammer cocked back while I was drilling them. Now I have two loose rivets that cannot be removed because the trigger system
  5. I'm converting a Saiga .308 and I'm at the step where I need to remove the trigger assembly. I know that I can't just pound the pins out- I have to drill out the shoulder. The issue is that I put one of my bits from my set into my drill press, set my Saiga down, started drilling, and before I knew it I had ground my bit down to two thirds it's length, and my trigger pin shoulder had an indention of less than 1/8th of an inch. Clearly my bits aren't going to go through that shoulder any time soon. I'm about 4 minutes away from a hardware store so I'm thinking I'll head down there and buy a
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