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  1. That is one sick tube and only second to mine. I am curious to know if you are planning to chop the barrel? Ive since made a few upgrades on mine such as adding an aluminum tromix stock, vortex venom and so forth. My Saiga eats everything including bird shot. Thanks
  2. I am running a vortex optic on it nowadays.
  3. I am going to try the Magpul claymore for a similar set up.
  4. http://venomtactical.com/collections/venom-tactical-ak-47-74-parts/products/venom-tactical-saiga-308-gas-block What was used.
  5. My smith had previously installed the Zhukov but now that I just acquired the Venom FSB, it is going to take a few weeks before I can get my hands on the rifle.
  6. Looks nice. What is cost/weight? Is that buttstock working for you? I mounted a Zhukov hand-guard on mine.
  7. What is the opinion on these mags? I usually stick to steel combloc.
  8. The PRS would look very nice and function well with that .308. Just be forewarned, it is very heavy and is better suited to bench rest type shooting. If that is what you are going for, the PRS is an excellent choice. Nice job on the pine tar finish as well. I read a nice tutorial on the web about doing that with the RA furniture when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with mine. Was that your tutorial by chance? I ended up going a different direction with Aquafortis, but what you have done looks great. Good luck on getting them the way you like 'em. I encountered the pine
  9. I used Auson pine tar, tried and true varnish oil and finished it with some Howard's feed n wax polish and conditioner. I have better pics of that Vepr 54R but just posted them so that people could something to compare it with the 308 Vepr. I definitely need to get a different butt stock on that 308 though. I am leaning towards a PRS. I have a Saiga 308 (21" barrel) that I am also mounting a Zhukov handguard. I just cant decide on the rest of the furniture. Dad, thanks for helping me posting the pics.
  10. I have it on my Vepr 308. My next one is the Saiga 308. It can be done. I would show pics but I dont know how to post them. I can email them to someone if they care to post them. Caveat: my Vepr is not a finished product and nowhere near that point. Just making that clear.
  11. I had it modified and mounted on a VEPR 308. I do not know why it cant be made to fit the Saiga. I just received an additional Zhukov and plan to mount on the Saiga. Check out Rob Ski's facebook where shows how to mount it on a 308. Not sure if it is a Saiga or Vepr but it can be made to fit.
  12. Syncro, where are in Cali are you? Have you checked the Solar Tactical maglocks yet?
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