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  1. I hear ya. I still would shoot your match if I can get the time off from Work. I took vacation for Ironman T
  2. I like seeing the hits Doug. Leaving for Ironman Saturday. See you there? T
  3. I use the exact same faux choke adaptor for 3 gun and it works great! I am looking into trying a muzzle brake. I think I get better splits between shots with my Benelli. I may try a different recoil spring to try and speed it up too.... T
  4. Doug, What size Vest Guy pouch do you use? I am wanting to run 12 round mags. But I assume you not not use the flap. I was thinking a 10 round pouch would be deep enough, yet allow enough exposed to grab. Thanks! T
  5. Thanks Doug! Yeah I saw a lot of guys with belt clips running and holding on to their mags..... T
  6. Nice review Doug. Overall i thought it was a great match. Good stages. Squad scheduling could have been better. Too much sitting around. BTW... How are you running your Saiga mags for reloads? Leg pouch? T
  7. I think he is talking about the Bladetechs the OP is referring to. I have on to try. But with 12 round mags.....seems iffy??? Anyone else have a link or thoughts on how you run your mags for 3 Gun?? T
  8. Nice! Yeah I just got mine in and it rocks! Screws right on and patterns great! T
  9. True. That would be cool to have the real FH...but it would make it longer.... T
  10. Gun Fun, I finally found what you were talking about and ordered one. Thanks!! T
  11. Well I ordered one to try out. It looks very much like the one Vette447 has on his one folder. Cheap enough at $40 bucks and chokes are $17 each from Carlsons direct. I will test it out and report T
  12. I agree totally. It's a fake FH. I am all about the choke feature. WIN chokes are $16.99 T
  13. It's a FH with screw in WIN chokes? I am gunna use it for 3 Gun.... http://ak-builder.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30105
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