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  1. I got offered 1,500 for my saiga...I don't know if that is a really good price on it or not haha...I have about 1k-1100 into it the way that it sits. Not sure what I could pick up a bullpup for.
  2. I am left eye dominate. I do some things right handed but not all. For example I golf right handed. Weird I know. Anyway, I wasn't real clear on what I meant by a right handed bolt action rifle is that I like the bolt being on the right side. I still shoot it left handed, but I it feels more natural to me to reach up with my right hand to work the bolt.
  3. Ahh, so its not an easy thing to switch over then. Well my odds of trading my Saiga for a left handed one are probably slim to none especially around my area. Are they even in the same price ballpark though, or am I going to have to expect to add cash with my trade? Is that something you would take over the Saiga, or should I keep my Saiga? lol. I don't know enough about them so I am undecisive.
  4. Hey guys. With me having the lovely gift of being left handed, I had never considered a bullpup rifle before. I guess the only ones I had really ever saw was SKS's that had been converted over to a bullpup. I knew that I could not shoot it as the bolt would hit me. I shoot right handed guns all the time, and when shooting a bolt action rifle, I actually prefer a right handed gun, it feels right for me for some reason. Anyway, I have a Saiga 12 that I bought in unfired shape with its original box and accessories. I converted it, bought a 20 round drum, bought a quad rail, and heat
  5. What about sights...Looks like some good sights are around 100 bucks...Kind of worried about drilling into my barrel and getting it straight though..
  6. Hey guys. I actually would prefer open sights on this saiga...however, i am wanting to possibly deer hunt with this gun with a 2 round mag + 1 in the chamber. I also plan on using this gun for home defense and a trap gun. I guess my question is, the mounts that mount on the side of the receiver, do they hold their zero if you take them off and stick them in a safe until next deer season? I am thinking that I want a low profile holographic red dot sight. I am not looking for something real expensive, just something that works and will hold its 0. However, when I shoot trap, it would be
  7. I have been doing a lot of research. I bought some heavier loads and tried slugs and they both did good...I adjusted the gas setting out 1 more and it fires the low brass loads fine now with that setting.
  8. Hey guys...I know that the SAIGA's can be picky about the ammo ran through them. I bought this SAIGA 12 unfired. I then converted it, and shot it for the first time. I shot some Winchester 100 round bricks at walmart through the factory 4 round mag. It will shoot, but not eject the shell and load a new one. I tore it apart last night, and drilled the 4 holes out at an angle towards the receiver. I also used a dremel to make the the hole bigger so that you can see all of the ports. I went and tried shooting it again eariler with high expectations. However, it was an epic fail and did no
  9. When I took it out I was using the mag. The shells I was using are winchester 2 3/4 1 1/8 8 shot. I wouldn't think the holes would be plugged but I don't know the nature of these guns. I will check on that tomorrow and let you guys know. I don't know what you mean by the puck though. I didn't change that stuff only the trigger group and rear stock.
  10. I had to do what Spartacus had said. I got that done, and got it all back together. I went and shot the gun for the first time today (keep in mind the gun has never been fired at all)...I had some Winchester shells that came in the 100 brick for shooting clays. The gun would not eject the old shell and put a new one in...tried 15 rounds and tried the 1 and 2 settings on the gas chamber and they all did the same thing. Had to pull the bolt back everytime?
  11. Hey guys! Got my conversion parts today...I can't get the safety in since I have gotten everything in. What is wrong?
  12. I live in Illinois. I have made my purchase from CSS. I ordered $194 worth of stuff....I ordered the conversion kit #1, Phoenix KickLite, Hogue pistol grip, and a retaining plate. Hope I got everything that I need...I want to add a quad rail of some sort, a red dot, and a mount still, but this is about all that I could shell out at the moment.
  13. So I need their kit #1 since I will be going with my choice of grip/stock along with the Retaining plates right? Which trigger guard do most prefer? The Carolina SS, or Tromix DIY? I am hoping to place an order today. Do I only need 1, or do I need 2 of those? Also, does that kit cover the holes made from the pins you pull out on the old trigger assembly?
  14. Hello everyone. First I wanted to say that I know similar questions are all around like this, but it is tough sorting through everything and finding up to date answers. I am also on my phone, which makes it tougher. Last night, I picked up a brand new SAIGA 12. I bought it from an individual in its original box. The gun is has never been fired, the factory 4 round mag, cleaning kit, and oil bottle I am assuming were all still wrapped up inside of the box. It came with the manual and everything. I also got a promag 20 round drum with it that had never been loaded as well. I picked
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