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  1. based on that first response, I have edited out my question. Sorry about that, it has been a good while since I first joined and read the rules. won't happen again. thanks klc
  2. Have tried any places like Batteries + or Battery Joe? Maybe even an electronics or hobby shop.
  3. When I was in my early 20s (40 years ago), a buddy and I used to reload 30.06 with lighter weight bullets for prairie dog shoots. I don't recall what gun he was shooting; mine was a Remington Model 700BDL with a 40mm 4X Redfield scope. We got to where we could hit them pretty good at 200 yards shooting from the loft of a barn with the rifles sitting on sandbags on top of bales of hay. The prairie dog town didn't go much beyond that distance as the farmer who owned the land kept it plowed down and planted in various crops throughout the year and there weren't many good vantage point from whi
  4. Not if these guys have any influence. http://onlylongrange.com/bn36-carbine-assassin/ http://onlylongrange.com/bn36-long-range-assassin-30-06/ http://onlylongrange.com/bn36-carbine-assassin-x/ This one is on my pipe dream list.
  5. Lot's of options posted so far; I say get a pet alligator.
  6. I'd just throw my hands in the air and give up... Fine, take'em all, I'm too old & tired to fight over it and jump through more hoops. And if you believe that... Let me tell you about this bridge I have for sale. Is that the same bridge from LA to Hawaii that God agreed to build in lieu of writing a book on how to understand women?
  7. that's just wrong on so may levels. by the time I got through all the BS pop-ups I was already planning my stories on how my guns just could not be found no matter how hard I looked.
  8. The title's a bit of a double entendre. My first thought when I read the title was, "did it hurt much?"
  9. close. it's a '79 R80 with some custom frame work to lower the seat for my 27" inseam here's a better look at it. BMW bike is a Moto Guzzi with saggy tits. now that's funny scary but funny
  10. Well, finally got to take this rig out to the range today. It was obvious from the git-go that the red dot was mounted way to low. I had visited with a person at work who has considerable experience with these things and was told he had the same problem which the resolved with a simple riser. That said, I loaded up 10 rounds and fired the first shot from 50 yards at a 7.5" circular target printed on 8.5 x 11 paper. I did not even hit the paper and found it quite difficult to even tilt my head enough to see the dot and target clearly at the same time. Next, I hung a full sized silhouet
  11. First used it not long after I bought my first motorcycle in almost 20 years. In April of 2000 I brought home a still new BMW R1200C. Although the C actually stood for Custom according to BMW literature, it didn't take long for this obviously cruiser style bike to become the BMW cruiser. As was normal for that era on the Interweeb, a special interest website for the model was in full operation which I promptly joined using the name "cruisin", I've been using that name (or some iteration; cruisinTx2) on every website since. The name also fit nicely with my other passion; sailing on my Cata
  12. Nope. I looked at it wrong and thought it had an inline 4 and suzuki lines from ~83 or so. My bad. your bike is cooler though. thanks; it fits nicely in the stable with my "Y2K" collection = R1200C, R1100RT and R1100S all from the 2000 model year.
  13. close. it's a '79 R80 with some custom frame work to lower the seat for my 27" inseam here's a better look at it.
  14. OK. so that also applies to my German made bike/s? I'm so confused.
  15. Welcome fellow UJM owner. uhhhh, thanks? but you lost me with UJM.
  16. I've been reloading 9mm since the late 80s and have found backing off the max load in the manuals by 5 to 8% delivers much better consistency in my old FN1911. I have not reloaded since acquiring my Hi Point carbine or my Taurus G2s. It will be interesting to see how they perform with various bullet weights and charges. I'm sort of suspecting similar results to the FN; time will tell. I noticed in one of the articles I got to following the link above that kept stating you MUST use .355 bullets when loading 9mm, but all of my manuals both new and old show .356. I wonder why the discrepa
  17. what does any of that story or the entire posting have to do with open carry in Texas?
  18. That works for me; function over form; I should have known that seeing as how I have been driving "butt-ugly" BMW motorcycles since 1977 & loving them every mile of the way.
  19. That was one of my first thoughts; that I simply need to get to the range and get used to it. The only other times I have used a red dot is on my Hi Point 9mm carbine. That took a little getting used to at first too, but wasn't nearly as difficult as using the ghost sights that came on it from the factory. Before that was 20 years ago when I put a red dot on my dad's 22 bolt action because of his macular degeneration. With my eyes 20 years younger then, I was hitting a golf ball at 50 yards with no problems like I'm having now. That's why I'm thinking it's a problem with my eyes and not a
  20. Not likely; as I have been shooting since I was 7 in 1961. I am focusing on the target just as I do with my handguns and while the target is perfectly in focus, the dot seems to be blurry no matter where I have it mounted (except at maximum dist. from my eye) or how I have my head tilted. Still; worth a try with a more conscious effort to focus on the target seeing as how this is my first AR. That's an ATI purchased just as you see it sans the scope. 16" 1:7 twist with dust guard, fwd assist, adj. stock. I'm still learning about ARs; as stated above, this is my first. I do plan to bu
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