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  1. I carry my SP101, 2 1/4 in, DAO .357 all the time. I live a low threat lifestyle (No stupid people, places or activities) and it carries well on my belt underneath a cover shirt. I do have a 1911 for more adventurous times in higher threat areas (like traveling or going to the mall). I love the reliability and will need that more than the number of bullets. If not, I also carry a speed loader and do very well at reloads if necessary. I would say 75% of my carry is done with a revolver. My 686+ sits in my bedroom and is a little heavy for carry but I will every great once in a while.
  2. OK..got the bullet guide in...whew...I think I measured like 5 times before I drilled. Went to tap the hole and the tap was really small so the T I had wouldn't work. I tapped it using a power drill on slow speed and a lot of oil. ..It worked perfectly (whew). I filed down the latch but don't know if I filed enough off. The latch holds the AK mag in and it will cycle but it doesn't "snap" in like it used to. I think the latch may still be to long. Now for mags, optics, site tool, and mount. MAKE ME STOP!!!!!
  3. Well, picked it up tonight and spent some time going through it. I really want to keep it simple (famous last words I am sure). Honestly, I just don't have a place to go to shoot it as much as I would like to. I do think I want to add the bullet guide and get it to accept AK mags. That and a red dot should be enough as the trigger pull really isn't as bad as some would have you believe. Thanks for the welcome. I actually subscribe to the sound giving them something to shoot at but you are really correct in the sound being enough to cause an extreme pucker factor...lol. Cant wait to giv
  4. Mine is grown and gone so that is not in the equation. I don't keep one chambered in my shotgun as it is not drop safe so most likely would not keep one chambered in this but you just never know. I have a feeling between optics and ammo my bank account will feel the hit...lol.
  5. New to the Saiga community and to the AK family. I am looking forward to learning from you all. I carried the M-16/GAU/M4 for over 26 years. Since I don't know AKs that well, I thought I would ask the "experts". If I were using my AK for home defense, is there anything wrong with having a round in the chamber with the safety on? Does the safety physically stop the hammer from striking the firing pin? I hope to learn more about this weapon system as I pick my saiga 7.62 X 39 today. Thanks!
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