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  1. Help .. Whats the code ?? Need h&k sights like yesterday..
  2. I believe the stock you're talking about is the Ace Ultalight stock. They are american made as well as everything else that Ace makes. The only thing about the ultra light stock I dont like is that it isnt adjustable. Take a look at the Ace Socom stock. Its a single tube as you liked and it is adjustable. IIs what I have on my AR and I love it.
  3. If your planning on changing the stock i'd go for the tromix with limbsaver. I currently have the 7.5" Ace skeleton stock with 1" pad. I think its the biggest they make. But in hind sight I do like the more squared shape of the tromix stock and the limbsaver is a beast. And Tony stands behind the quality of everything he does. I fired an S12 with 3" loads on a friends gun with the Tromix stock and it was a like a dream. On my first s12 i had a slip on butt pad before I folded and upgraded the stock. Wasn't the most attractive thing I ever put on a gun but it did the trick. Hardest part was keeping it on the stock. Velcro worked a bit but sloppy :/ I think it was from verifoce tactical for like $28.
  4. Sorry I just read the first post saying you have a saiga 410. You must use full power loads. The 410 has barely enough gas on the full #1 setting to push the bolt back far enough and fast enough to make full ejection possible. Very fun guns but you're gonna have to bite the bullet and buy better more expensive ammo. Less power ammo= less reliable gun
  5. Hey all, new to this forum but I have had 2 saiga 12s and a 7.62.. 1 is completely custom converted from mach1including polished bolt, realigned gas ports and low recoil conversion parts. The other is a factory sgl1207. the saiga 12 has disclaimers on just about every websight that sells them stating that low power or low recoil shells are NOT recommended at all. The gun is made to cycle full power shells. I use 2 3/4 federal flight control shells and my guns both eat em like a fat kid eats cake. Some will chew threw bulk pack ammo but some will not no matter how much tinkering you do with it. They did however try to remedy the problem with the adjustable gas system. Try the low recoil on setting 2. If it doesnt run try turning to the #1 setting. It completely opens the gas holes on #1 to allow max pressure to get that bot back to eject the spent shell. Also the break in period for a gun that hasnt had the bolt properly polished can be up to like 400 round before deburing and break in is complete. If the gun doesnt cycle full power loads on #2 after polishing and breaking in, you have a bigger problem and should promptly return the s12 to the distributor
  6. Im very new to this forum and hate to sound like a noob, but doesnt ace make an adapter that is shaped specifically for the converted S12 without access to the traditional AK grip screw set up? I believe 4 side holes are threaded to attach at the preexisting sporter set up trigger holes, as well as a small screw and nut at the top of the receiver block assembly after the tang is removed of course. .
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