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  1. Whether its SUPPOSED to be there I couldn't say, it is there however in all of the BR99's/MKA1919's I've handled. I've also personally been through two guide rods, two bolt carriers and 5 gas blocks and they've all had a degree of wiggle in them.
  2. You can get them from here; http://gprifle.se/AKDAL10.html But presuming you're in the US I don't know if your retarded magazine/ITAR nonsense would let you
  3. That much gap will also quickly crack your gas block as it will get 'hammered' by the piston, rather than pushed. If you've got a side charging handle forend I'd recommend you get the V2 gas block from T&N as its just basically a hefty block of steel. I don't know what material the originals were made of (presumably some kind of aluminium alloy) but I went through one every 6-8 months
  4. I too went from a Benelli M2 to a BR99 (MKA1919 clone). There is a steep learning curve and every time the gun is modded away from 'factory settings' it has to be re-learned and the gun 'fettled'. Mine is now modded to the point I want and I've got it running very reliably (for a box mag gun anyway). My top tip would be to clean it after every use, unless say, you shoot 100rds or so one day then 100 the following day. If left for say a week even just after 50-60rds mine will not function as well.
  5. That's Turkish precision for you(!) You should see the differences in the BR99 mags as they're all metal. At least with the main body of the MKA1919 mags being molded plastic they're reasonably similar.
  6. The best sight to use for clay shooting is a bead, on a rib, attached to an over and under shotgun, simple as that! You want to have your eye as close to the barrel bore axis as possible, something this type of shotgun is just not suited to, especially with a red dot raising it even higher. Don't get me wrong, i've used my BR99 + 516 EoTech for 'a laugh' shooting clays but they are simply not the best tool for the job. I regularly shoot 90-96% for ESP clays with my O/U (Browning Cynergy). I think the times i tried it with my BR99 it was down to around 60-65%. If you've only got one
  7. Is the hole/tab on the faulty magazine 'regular'. I had a similar issue as you (and the mag would occasionally just drop out!) and on looking more closely the tab at the top of the mag latch hole was poorly formed. I just pried the top tab out a bit with a screw driver and it seems to have fixed the issue. Regular top, problem bottom;
  8. Been using an EoTech 516 for nearly two years now 4-5000 rounds. The only issue i've had is snagging the battery compartment lever and partially opening it, then a few shots and it opens completely and the sight dies.
  9. Can these be exported (as 'kits' in pieces) or are they covered but that ITAR nonsense?
  10. I've never understood this 'high brass' - 'low brass' thing that is constantly referred to on US shotgun threads, is that just a way you guys refer to cheap and expensive cartridges? As the height/depth of the 'brass' has sweet FA to do with how the cartridge functions in a gun. Its just that top end manufacturers that produce the most consistant cartridges, and 'pokey' cartridges tend to have high brass. If the same manufacturer produced 2 identical load cartridges one with high brass and one with low, they'd both work just as well as each other.
  11. Blackstuff

    mka mags.

    Be aware BR99 10rd mags do not fit in MKA1919 lowers without taking some material off the front of the inside of the mag well, this in turn makes MKA1919 10 rds looser in the magwell.
  12. Best option is to take it back and get a Bora99 Hows that for starting a flame war
  13. The only way to see/feel if the firing pin comes out from the bolt face would be to remove the barrel, and with the barrel removed its unlikely the bolt/carrier would be in the correct position. Try just taking the bolt out and just pushing the back of the firing pin to see if it protrudes the bolt face, if not the pin is broken/missing
  14. Bora bolts are cut there (but not to such an extent) from the factory
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