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  1. So just send it back? Probably should.
  2. Pulling the trigger with the barrel off and my finger against the bolt face confirms the hammer is striking my finger. The customer tells me he tried three different types of ammo.
  3. Jim: Thanks for the prompt reply. I understand about the floating f i ring pin. What Iam saying is thatthe hammer is not striking the rear of the firing pin sufficiently to cause it to break the face of the bolt. It appears that the hammer is not contacting the firing pin at all. That said, any other suggestions? I should mention that i have converted quite a few Saigas and have built dozens of ARs, so I am not totally ignorant of firearms. However, this is the first 1919 that I have handled.
  4. I took it in for a customer. After removing the barrel, I can observe that the firing pin does not come through the bolt face when the trigger is pulled. I can send it back to Centerfire, but if it is something simple, I would rather save him the time. Any suggestions?
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