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  1. I don't know if that will fit my folding stock model. I think the trunnions are different.
  2. Have a VEPR 12 model with the welded folding stock. I'm not allowed to have a folding stock on a shotgun in my state and would like to replace the factory welded folder with a fixed stock. What are my options? Somebody told me the whole rear trunnion needs to be replaced to do this. How much work and how expensive is that? I was looking at KVARs Nato Length AK stock or an RPK stock. The flopping cheek weld pad on the factory folder drives me nuts. Also would be willing to go the M4 Buffer tube route and doing a collapsible stock which is legal in my state. It just can't fold whatev
  3. Well that's my point. I'm hoping for an aftermarket upgrade with a selector for the gas system so the higher power loads will just bleed off and it will get full power for target low brass. That's my only tripe about the VEPR over the Saiga. Otherwise, the VEPR is worlds above a Saiga 12. Saiga 12s will usually run low brass if you swap the gas regulator for an aftermarket upgraded version. But, is a recoil buffer a good idea for the VEPR 12? Yay or nay? Has anybody tried to run one?
  4. Yeah mine doesnt have quite that much play. But it could just be play in the threads and hopefully our VEPRs have better steel and a better heat treat than the Saigas. Our VEPRs seem to have a better tolerance between the gas puck and op rod too compared to the Saiga. Which means its more giving it a shove than slamming into it. Maybe I'm just overthinking it. But I know AK rifles are stronger than the shotguns.The gas piston/Op Rod on my AK rifle is pinned to the bolt carrier. On the Vepr, its just peened and dimpled. So it relies on the threads there and the dimples to take the force of
  5. Only concern is if something breaks then access to replacement parts is limited. And I don't know how the whole Obama-Russia AK embargo affects the parts market in that regard. Not concerned about the trunnion contact too much....it's not hitting it hard. But, the bolt carrier/op rod attachment does bother me. It has some play in it. I know on the Saiga's , bolt carriers have cracked due to this. But I haven't heard it much with the VEPR. It is over-gassed on high brass because it throws the ejected shells far, a tell tale sign of that. Its perfect with low brass. With the wide range of lo
  6. Hi- I've had my VEPR 12 for awhile now and have been very pleased with it. It cycles low brass without a hiccup and litterally one stovepipe with low brass when I first got it. I added a GK-01 Muzzle Brake which IMO has reduced recoil significantly. However, my biggest gripe about the VEPR 12 is it runs overgassed and I'm concerned about the internal components. Two points of concern are the Op Rod/Bolt Carrier connection. Then, second is the rear of the bolt carrier and the rear trunnion. There is evidence of contact back there. Right now, it just looks like its love tapping it. But I
  7. So, I installed the CSS mod G2 Trigger Grip, CSS Gas Puck, and MD Arms Molot Style Grip. My muzzle brake is a CSS as well (GK-01). Other than the gas puck, these have all turned out to be upgrades rather than just uping the US parts count. The CSS G2 Trigger Group is way better than the G2 in my AK rifle. Don't know why but its awesome over stock! Thought I was content with the stock trigger. The Gas Puck is nicely made but I don't know if theyres any difference over the stock piece. Just looked slightly more refined over stock and the grooves are a slightly different size than the stock piece
  8. I have a SGM Threaded Mod Choke and the CSS GK-01 Clone Brake. It probably added a good 5-6 in. But, with everything on a Saiga 12 or VEPR 12, everything is super-sized compared to a normal AK-47 rifle. I consider mine a "mini-howitzer". Other good choices are the Bonesteel Arms Firestorm Brake, which people seem to reccomend second to the GK-01 Brake. Don't know if thats any smaller, but its less bulky and look good as well. Then, SGM sells several brakes which are smaller and ive seen people use them, but I don't know if theyre as effective as the bigger brakes like the Bonesteel or the GK-0
  9. Alright so I have a CSS modified G2 Trigger Group, a CSS Gas Puck, and a MD Arms Molot Grip on order. Will this get me in compliance? It seems like this is what most people do for 922-r. But I feel im 1 part short to get it down to 10 imported parts. Technically I would be more than fine using my US made magazines. But when I use my 5 round Russian Mags is what im concerned about. Because it might not be considered "sporting" anymore since I added the muzzle brake although its US made. Thanks
  10. I realize that as far as parts count that the muzzle dosent matter. But im talking about as keeping it under the sporting purposes definition and not subject to 922-r provided a 5 round mag is used. But for anything higher cap, I would use exclusively US made mags. Then change the trigger group which should get the imported parts count down to 10. I understand the VEPR 12 is 16 imported parts and the US mag and Trigger would be 3 and 3 in parts so down to 10 imported parts. But my question is mainly when I go back to using the imported 5 round mags, is the muzzle brake going to make it subject
  11. "Readily adaptable for sporting purposes", thats why I question if using a hi cap mag alone triggers 922-R. I understand shotguns have different rules than rifles. My question falls more under what takes the shotgun out of "sporting" configuration. I did add a US made clone of the GK-01 Muzzle Brake. Would that make it non sporting? Or can I still use 5 round mags and it remain sporting provided the stock remain welded? And use the 3 parts when using higher cap mags using US mags only when going over 5 round capacity?
  12. Tried to get a pic of it. This is with the hammer decocked but its more apparent when the hammer is cocked. Im talking about the long run of spring leg/cable that runs next to the bolt hold open actuating piece. The spring leg and bolt hold open piece are rubbing against each other. Potentially enough probably to bind it up. Sorry if im not being clear, dont know what to call everything. The arrows are pointing to the spring leg im talking about. And the bolt hold open runs along the reciever there. It actually add some "grit" in the trigger pull as it rubs past the bolt hold open.
  13. Hmm so how much do I have to change? I like the pistol grip and handguards and stuff. I like the trigger. Kinda hate to change that and go from a two stage to a single stage modified Tapco. Gas puck provided its good quality and original or better function, I can do that. The only magazines over 5 rounds im going to use are US made. That's 3 parts. I think its a total of 5 or 6 imported parts that needs to be changed out. The VEPR also adds a pistol grip over the stock Saiga. I can find a lot on 922-r and Saiga 12s but not much on the VEPR 12. Too bad they dont just make US made copies of
  14. Sounds good. That and a gas system fix would probably make this gun perfect . Looking at the op rod again, its threaded down farther than I though. Must just have a long threaded section. It might be alright provided that the heat treating is good on the threaded area.
  15. Was shooting high powered slugs and buckshot and I was leaning into it pretty good. Its weird, I tried it manually by opening the top cover and inserting the mag and locks back on it everytime even my SGM mag. The next thing im gonna do is im going to try to very carefully manually cycle a magazine full of rounds to simulate firing and see if that makes a difference. It seems pretty simple, it has a detent that presses down on the magazine follower that actuates the hold open. Its one metal piece that runs along the side of the reciever and comes out at the bolt release. The only thing I could
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