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  1. I'll take one of the folding trunion / hardware kits. PM inbound. EDIT: Unfortunately, due to incompatibility with the parts I've already got (dang it), I've got to withdraw. No reflection on the seller or the product - just not what I needed. Best of luck w/ the sale -
  2. I really like the looks of the newer, smooth sided lower HG's that MI is now offering (especially the extended version.) Anyone tried installing one on their S-308? I understand a little Dremel work and longer hex bolts might be required, but I'm willing to do a little customization, if the end product is solid. For anyone who's done this successfully, pics are requested.
  3. Great seller, smooth deal. Excellent communication, prompt shipping & item just as described - perfect!
  4. Smooth transaction - Excellent communication, fast shipping, and item exactly as described.
  5. I have a 22" M14 clone, and an M1A Scout with an 18" barrel. For the type of shooting I expect of these rifles, I prefer the Scout. From what I've read, the Saiga doesn't lose accuracy in an 18" barrel compared to the factory 22" - some even claim improved accuracy due to less "barrel whip." I don't care for the added muzzle blast of a 16" tube, which many say is plenty accurate - so I bought this rifle with every intent of making an 18.5" rifle. Stiffer, more manueverable barrel, more complete powder burn, not quite as much concussion, and I can quickly differentiate it from my standard length AK's. (Less chance of grabbing the wrong rifle / ammo / mag combo when heading for the range.) If I could find someone that makes a Yugo M76 stock set for stamped receivers, I'd think real hard about leaving the barrel length as is. I love the looks of the M76, but have no desire to get into 8mm now - or spend the dough for a real M76 in .308.
  6. Exactly - this was originally a wood stocked sporter.
  7. Yep. Right side of receiver's markerd "SAIGA -308-1" in both English and Cyrillic, left side of receiver marked "Made in Russia by Izhmash" with an '04 proof mark, and left side of barrel marked "RUSSIAN AMERICAN ARMORY COMPANY SCOTTSBURG, IN" - cutting the barrel will take out the "RUSSIAN AMERICAN ARM" part of the import mark, and threading the barrel will obliterate the "ORY" remaining in "Armory," leaving "COMPANY SCOTTSBURG, IN" as the only remaining part of the import mark.
  8. Anyone know definitively whether cutting a 22" S-308 barrel to 18.5" where such alteration removes part of the importer mark (stamped on the barrel) creates a legal problem? By my calculation, the majority of the words "Russian American" would be lost by shortening the barrel as described. If that's the case, guess I'll keep the barrel as is.
  9. Excellent communication, prompt shipping and items just as he described them. Smooth deal. Thanks!
  10. I'll take the 2 Blue Force loops and the Mako grip listed above, plus the other internal block (the one that Cobra 76 two put back on the table) if it's still available. Just let me know - thanks.
  11. Post some pics of your progress, when you can. I've often considered giving my 22" S308 the M76 look. What kind of wood are you using for the buttstock, and who made your PG?
  12. There was an initial pop, then it required what I would consider not much pressure to take it the rest of the way off. I'm sure glad I came up with this process. I wasn't real keen on banging on the back of the base. It was more controlled and actually quite easy. It will probably turn out the be the easiest part of the putting on the brake. I have to turn down the barrel then thread it. I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to back bore the base or send it off to Dinzag and let him do it. I need to get some information from him before I can make my decision. Hoping to thread it to 5/8 24 and install a good quality brake to tame it a bit. What you planning to do to yours if I may be so bold as to ask? Later Don I have the 22" barrel, so I've considered a few options. One involves leaving the barrel length as is and having the end turned down and threaded to accept a brand new milled front sight base and a 14x1 LH M60 style flash hider. With this option, I'd get furniture to mimic a Yugoslavian M76 - I love the looks of those, but not crazy about the 8mm round or the cost of the rifles. Option #2 involves having the barrel cut to 18.5", then turned down for the same milled sight base and 14x1 threads.
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