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  1. Hi. I'm interested to turn my Saiga 12 into a short barrel. Need advice on: 1. What is a good size? Prefer the shortest possible but without affecting performance. 2. What is a good company for doing this mod? Don't want to do it myself. Money is an issue. Am on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality. I remember I had Arizona Armory on my bookmarks for this. Not sure if that is good or if you recommend someone else. 3. What is the tax stamp process? Any recommendations? 4. Should I sell my Saiga 12 as is and get one that already is short barrel? Not sure how much I can get for it. It's already moded a bit, folding stock, gas adjustor, pistol grip, etc., and comes with MD20. About how much can I get for it? And if I go this route, what do you recommend? Another Saiga 12 short barrel? Origin 12? Is there something else that's good short barrel?
  2. Still haven't heard back from MD Arms after almost a week. Tried loading a different high brass round without firing (Super X 12 Gauge Buckshot picture below). Although they seem to load better I was still having the same issues on some rounds. Also noticed a problem with the back plate, it's not fitting flush on the drum body in the upper right, caused a round to get stuck inside the drum in between the cover plate and drum body. Any suggestions on how to fixed this or should I send it back? Have some other high brass rounds I was going to test but was going to wait until I resolve the back plate issue.
  3. I see Winchester Super X, says works in MD 20, but is that the same Super X as mine?
  4. montero1421

    MD 20 Issue

    I have a 2011 Saiga 12. I bought a new MD 20 from Mississippi Auto Arms. The drum fits well after filing with no rattle and I haven't adjusted the spring tension. It loads and cycles low brass well. But with the Winchester Super X High Brass, pictured below, after I put the drum into the gun and let the bolt move forward to load the round it fails to load, it gets stuck on the round and the round fails to move out of the magazine. I tried these high brass rounds with my factory mag and 10 round mag and they load fine. I emailed MD Arms last Friday but haven't received a response yet. I called Mississippi Auto Arms and they suggested that some rounds are a bit longer than 2 3/4 which could cause a problem.
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