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  1. I've got it all dialed in now, so no harm done. I do have one question though. I made the mistake of not ordering a full choke with my gun, which isn't really a problem for three gun matches but for one of the local shotgun only matches I frequent likes to use a very oversized spinner (its about 10 feet tall) and its too much for my modified choke to handle effectively. Not that I don't love Robert's products, but I'd rather not have to call and mail a money order for one choke. Tru-lock doesn't list the R&R specific chokes on their website, which model of Remington choke should I
  2. After several months of trial and error I now know I need to give in and re zero the gun. Doesn't seem to be on at any distance with any ammo. I'm gunna chalk it up to getting banged around during shipment.
  3. You mentioned a US made saiga prototype, I'm intrigued. Not that it really matters for me, I already have my Russian R&R saiga.
  4. I understand that R&R is in no danger of going out of business, but with this new thing about stoping the imports of KC guns, can't imagine it means good things for the company. Though I don't know how much time was dedicated to gun smithing portion of the business. Sure am glad I got my open Saiga when I did last month! Guess this just means Robert can focus more on the target part of R&R targets!
  5. Good point, now if I could just get my open pistol to actually run. Can't wait to shoot the saiga at NW multigun challenge. Two weeks!
  6. Guess that means I shouldn't take it out to that match tomorrow? Eh heck, I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with the shotgun before. Won't be much different if I can't tomorrow, just louder.
  7. Thanks for the info on the mags, I'll have to practice getting used to that. The AA super sports were the only thing I ran in my old 930, so I'll keep using those. I've got a case of aeroslugs on order but only had Remington sluggers on hand. The gun ran great on slugs, unfortunately the range I went to didn't allow the use of bird or buckshot. I did notice the POI of the slugs were significantly low and the the right at 50 yards(the only bays they allowed shotguns at) but I didn't want to mess with the dot as I am under the assumption it's already zeroed for birdshot. Also, I'm c
  8. Created an account here just to post this. Picked up my new R&R targets Saiga today from the FFL. While I'm not pleased with how my FFL handled the situation, the shot gun is another story. Looks great and balances very nicely. I did notice the comp seems smaller than others I have seen, is this a new design? The ar style safety needs some wearing in as it's very stiff right out of the box. One more question, are the mags meant to drop free, cause mine don't unless I shake he gun pretty good. Can't wait to go shoot it tomorrow.
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