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  1. I have a basic conversion Saiga 5.45 with UTG rail - we were shooting Silver Bear today and in all 3 magazines (2 Tapco and one Circle 10) the last round failed to feed - we cleared it and reloaded that round in the magazine charged it and fired it fine but the last round was getting hung up Is it the Mags or Ammo? Just asking for thoughts
  2. Holy shit guess I will learn to work the safety with my weak hand
  3. Need recommendations and where to get a left hand safety for Saiga 5.45?
  4. I called Webbers today - $160 plus parts to do this
  5. I bought the gun with the basic conversion - I ordered a UTG quad rail and see how that fits and if I like it - then I figured I would do the flash hider
  6. I have a Saiga 5.45x39 that has had basic back half conversion done - I am looking for a gunsmith that could thread the barrel and put a muzzle brake on the gun Any suggestions?
  7. All the back end conversion work was done - just need to work on the front end conversion now
  8. I was able to buy a basic conversion of a Saiga 5.45X39 rifle - It shoots awesome but I want to make it more AK like - I have sorta gleaned that I need to get some sort of bracket to bolt on (I am not tool rich or mechanically inclined enough to cut off and re-install front sight base and gas block) and a new gas tube . What bracket do you recommend and once done what is the best polymer furniture to get - I like solid stocks and regular AK hand guards in Flat Dark Earth - I am not concerned with a quad rail since if I run a scope I will get the mounting bracket that hooks to the side of th
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