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  1. I see the m92 is a 7.62. Do you prefer the 7.62 over the 5.45 for a home defense over the 7.62? Are the ak74s not as reliable?
  2. Thanks guys, I did not think about the twist rate, for some reason I did not think it was as much of an issue with 5.45. I can go eiither way but was leaning towards the ak74 for the relabity and low ammo cost.
  3. I am thinking about getting an ak74 and making it an sbr. It would be a home defense gun. What do you think of this idea and what would be your base platform? it does not seem like there are as many ak74 options like there are for the ak47.
  4. On the primary arms sight there are a lot of options. what combination do you recommend? is 3x magnification enough to get the max range out of an ak? There are standalone 3x options and red dots combined with a magnifier/two priece vs 1 piece.
  5. My gun Smith charges $80 to thread a ak barrel for a flash hider and $220 for a can. he says he has to take the barrel off to make sure it is lined up perfectly to avoid baffle strikes. Atlantic firearms sells a nitride treated threaded barrel for $99. Would you: 1. Just use the can on the $80 threads...he is a gun Smith after all I would assume they are fairly accurate and I could get a loser tolerance can. 2. Pay the $220 3. Buy the nitride treated threaded barrel for 99.. looks to be a good barrel and can help slightly on inaccuracy.
  6. I am looking for a good day and night sight for my saiga. I am mid 40's so I prefer something for quick acquisition for day and good visibility at night. I am only looking at the front sight as I have the texas dogleg rail on back with the peep sight. These are the options I have found. 1. Xs Tritium Stripe Front sight. From the looks it sounds like the perfect idea, great for day and night but the only youtube video I could find had a young guy saying it did not work that well. 2. Meprolight Night front sight. I read that these were great but few reviews. 3. Ameriglo front
  7. I have a saiga 308 that I bought off of gunbroker. it has a Texas weapons system dog leg rail and peep sight. we shot at 50 yards using the sights and the first few shots did not even hit the backer of the target. It wa shooting way up and to the right. I was able to adjust the front sight to get the height more inline but the rear peep sight looks to be adjusted to it's max and we are still way off. Is it most likely the barrel or something else?
  8. I have been getting all the pieces for my saiga conversion and I am down to the last piece, the front hand rail. I like the troy for it's rounded natural had grip feel. Most of the people I talk to like the longer version of the rail as the say you get a longer reach for helping stabalize the gun but I see it as extra weight. Do any of you have this rail and looking back would you do the long or short?
  9. What's the turn around time on new orders for saiga quad rails?
  10. Is that the same for the sagia 7.62 variants as well?
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