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  1. Добрый день, ребята читать ваши слова, частью сделки он сделал со мной, а теперь исчезла, хотя получется у меня письмо и идет в форум кабана, я хочу верить, что он был хорошим человеком, но факты свидетельствуют об обратном opka
  2. good day guys I read and do not understand, I'm still not right that he wrote about the problem, Franz does not want to get in touch, I am writing to him and the boar, org and lichno mail, I think so, if you are a man and not a chicken, you say, but I deceived you, or I'll give you the money, but later. That's the way men do and not tsiplyata
  3. We are all human, and forum unites us only one thing, it is our interest, ua who deceive others, the bad end his life, and God will punish severely for it how to find Franz?
  4. hi guys how are you ??? Reverend Franz swindler and a cheat, I sent him $ 850 in August, so he bought me the details, he sent me only $ 300, now do not get in touch, who knows how to find it, he was a bad person I want to write this information in all forums If someone knows about it, please give me an answer
  5. good day as you put the butt, you need an adapter I have a de Boar 308 good day as you put the butt, you need an adapter I have a de Boar 308
  6. good day poluchaetsya that they can not buy and if it buys an individual from the United States and just send me an e-mail
  7. Good day to all I live in Russia I bought a Saiga 12 sabe vepr 7.62 / 54 and I want to change, but as it turned out, all the fun you are selling, I ask your help, who are willing to help me buy items and send me to Russia, please respond I want to collect something like that You can write to me on mail ivonin_rv_76@mail.ru
  8. good day guys help his brother-in-arms I live in Russia we do not sell abgreyd to arms I want to buy such a product here, someone could send me http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/sgm-vepr-forearm.htm
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