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  1. I'll have to give them a call today. It looks like they could build the blank and then send it off to get finished by a gun smith. To me its worth it to have the XTR setup differently for various tasks. I have found that both hot rods and guns will make me go broke. That is why I build everything I can. That being said, when I get something planned out it is a relentless pursuit to have it materialize. The 32 Dodge had to get a intake manifold custom sand cast to fit the 4-71 just right on a 4.3 V6. Seems a lot like this shottie in ways.
  2. I bought the same kit after my 12 wouldn't cycle #9 bird shot. After messing around and running 5-6 boxes of cheap target loads it has settled in and performs 100% now. I have been using it for skeet and have progressed to 96-97 out of 100 consistently. Every time I go to the range I run 5-10 games (100 clays per game). I have now switched to a XTR12 just to prolong the life of the Saiga as I fear that I wont be able to source parts.
  3. I actually have the barrel threaded for winchoke. I use a winchoke to saiga adapter then run the saiga extension with skeet choke. Doing this causes a lot to happen to the wad and distorts my shot cloud a bit. I'd love to just get the longer barrel made and have the ability to use the same weapon for two sports without all the adapting. I don't mind spending a little extra to get exactly what I want. My last resort is to get a Briley choke custom made to cut things down to only one transition and actually have the ability to run fast porting for wad control.
  4. Does anyone know who would be able to custom mill a 26" barrel for a shotgun? The kicker is it will need the M4 feed ramps. This is for a UTAS XTR 12. I have built a custom quick change barrel system for my M4 and I'm thinking of doing the same thing for the XTR 12 so I can try my hand at 3 gun and also use it for my skeet shooting. I'm almost positive I will need to send the upper off to ensure the barrel gets properly head spaced for positive bolt lockup. Everyone I've emailed says they only do card shoot barrels.
  5. We just got the XTR-12 #189. From what I'm told it is very well built. There are a couple draw backs. The charging handle and the non captured piston rod. The charging handle can be easily changed as the hook latches can be changed out or eliminate one side. I did see a Phase 5 bolt catch/ release lever that says it fits a AR10. The mag that comes with the unit is pretty impressive after dealing with the Saiga one for so long. We hope to get it to the range and get some rounds through it in all sort of rate of fire.
  6. That is not a typical gas tube. These are not gas impingement. They are piston driven. I have the Adams Arms piston AR and its very smooth not to mention way cleaner as you dont get the spent gas discharge in the BCG area. That being said I will need to determine if the fore grip needs to me changed for something a bit more solid where the gas is vented.
  7. I did try out a pretty nice semiauto out at the range. It didnt have the ergo of what I'm use to but I just wasnt impressed. My friends think I might be a little crazy because I have a nack for taking things out of the stock form and using them for "Other than intended". Maybe its that something must be elegant and interesting for it to hold my attention. Then its new capabilities become the norm so run of the mill items have no appeal anymore. Hmmm, Oh well I'm sure the XTR will be fine in the end. If it doesn't start out great I will put some gunsmith magic on it and it will be fine.
  8. I have noticed a lot of banter, however I belong to so many forums (Guns and Vehicle) that I usually search for topics and move on. This one may be different because I broke my own rule by getting a first run. This trend started with the Skully helmet and now I ended up looking for new products. I have got to get out of that habit. I was always the guy that would read and trend products for a very long time before putting down some cash. Currently I have couple of the AK based 12 gauge shotguns. I use my Saiga 12 as a daily skeet shooter at the National Shooting Complex. The Saiga is fitted
  9. I just picked up a UTAS XTR 12. I see there just isnt many out there however can we add a section for this one? It would be great to start some dialog on these.
  10. I have decided to move from a Saiga 12 to the UTAS XTR-12 for my competitive skeet shooting. So far the only mod I see I have to make id blocking the mags to 2 rounds and extending the barrel out to 26". That is a far cry from what needed to happen with the Saiga. It was an absolute bear to get the Saiga to shoot my specific #9 reload reliably. However it happened and I can score 96-97 game after game with it. The hard part is when I decide to make a day of it and play 5-6 games that Saiga gets real heavy. The XTR being piston driven should yield a comfortable shoot and be easy to tune. The
  11. Now hold on before you take it off you list. STI has some 1911s that were made in the RIA plant in the Philippines to STIs specs. Then sent here to be inspected/ QC and fit an finished by STI techs. We have everything from STI Trojan, STI 40 Edge 2011, and STI Spartan. All of theses get hundreds of rounds through them any day at the range with no issues. The Spartan was a hot ticket. The company accomplished what they wanted. They proved that quality parts and firearms don't need to come from the USA as long as the engineering and QC is to standard. There are a ton of foreign manufactures t
  12. I need a 24" barrel for my Saiga 12. Please PM me if you have one in good usable condition that you'd be willing to sell.
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