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  1. Rock on man. Thanks for write up. I like how you widened out the back of the rear sight so you didn't have to re-profile the shoulder on the barrel. I just converted mine. Used the Strike Industries stock adapter and the new Magpul SL K stock, to keep the length adjustability range tight and the butt small like a traditional AK stock. ALG Defense trigger is 3.5 pounds. I think that I'll do the thread job you did. Good stuff.
  2. I have the Fury 2 coming and have been toying with a conversion. I've combed every Saiga conversion video I could find and the linkages seem to be similar in the fury. It's like a Bullpup in reverse I think I'll wait til the warranty is up which will be around a year. Fortunately, I'm tall so the comically long pull of the Dragonov stock might work for me. How's the unconverted trigger? Horrendous?
  3. I guess this will turn this into a Zombie Thread... In the pictures, there seems to be an unusual AK trigger part in the parts shown. Is that a linkup piece that bridges the gap between the trigger and the hammer? The trigger on the Fury looks to be set back far like the pre-converted Saiga 12 is. I am not familiar with the triggers for a Saiga 12, but I am somewhat familiar with an AK trigger. Am I right to think that the hammer hits the firing pin in the same place as a regular AK with the trigger linked somehow with a bridge between them being so far apart?
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