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  1. I already have the CSS break/choke adapter for the V12 which is threaded for the Winchoke system. When I ordered the Salvo I opted for the Vepr/Saiga 22mm mount because of the seeming endless stacking of threaded couplers (and yet ANOTHER choke style to add to the parts drawer) doesn't figure as the very best of options when gambling with $1400 cans. If I had been able to get the CSS part using a Remchoke pattern I might have gone that direction since then the Salvo (Remchoke)coupler would have been compatible with my 870. As it is, I've only got one other barrel (currently) that will need
  2. Any pointers for installing the billet rail to my V12 dust cover? The pivot pin is staked crazy-tight with 3 punch marks on each side. The mounting ears seem to be unequal in thickness (about 40% thicker on the right side), so I'm wondering if I should drift the pin through the thin or thicker side (after shallow drilling the pin's end s to loosen up the stakes tension in the mounting ear's holes). I understand about backing up the pivot ear that I drive the pin through, but I'm uncertain about right-to-left or vice-versa being the best method.
  3. Well, I took delivery of the (short) Troy BattleRail and performed a careful study of the situation and came to a realization that there is NO WAY what-so-ever that the rail can be installed EVEN if modification were an option. While I'm still awaiting the Carolina Shooters hand guard anchor/mount ($59.95+ shipping!), I can see that it will be going back also. The Troy part is gorgeous. While it is really well engineered and manufactured, it just can't accommodate the x39 Vepr's extra-stout barrel and accompanying fittings. While I -might- comsider using it on my W.Works milled 74 (and MAYBE t
  4. The descriptions I've read for the product lead me to adding the CSS split style hand guard retainer http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/dph-large-bracket.htm to meet the requirement for installation ( and fill the cutout for the left side sling loop) but those same descriptions also warn that the part doesn't fit all variation(s) of AK. https://troyind.com/products/ak47-rail-bottom-short-blk Will the hand guard fit up to the receiver housing without modification? I want to change up the factory handguard, but not if the aluminum one is going to require whittling away & losi
  5. You will either have one or the other. the external thread minimum diameter (groove depth) is far too close to the bore size needed for screw-in chokes for the two schemes to occupy the same length of barrel. Even IF you could cut choke threads inside the tube with the exterior break threading there would be such a thin area that fracture would occur just by tightening either a choke tube (internally) or a break/muzzle treatment (externally).
  6. I will put my hat in the ring for a gas system regulation scheme.
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