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  1. Okay, well it should not be a problem to grind much of it off to here it won't hit the bolt or carrier, that must be the issue right? I will look into how it could be an over travel stop too. Thanks.
  2. Anyone know if a double hook style AK trigger interferes with the bolt head or body of a S12??
  3. Hi guys, been a long time since I posted, I pulled my S12 back out of the safe and am excited to try and fit it to this bullpup kit made for an AK. It will take some minor adjustments for things to have the clearances, but I seem to have it figured out. Only things that this kits comes with ha double hook trigger, taco, I have a single hook in there, and I am wondering if the right side hook will interfere with the bolt or carier. . I need to use the double hook as the R side hook is used as a lever in trigger linkage, but I can grind it down quite a bit to shorten it if necessary. Is the
  4. i'm sorry, is there another forum for bull pups or something?
  5. I have a S-12 SBS. I was thinking about maybe selling it, or keeping it and maybe getting a bullpup enclosure for it. I know that center balance systems makes one. Anyone else? Mostly I would want something that is light, not too concerned about hte trigger. Thx
  6. i am really impressed w/ the storm lake barrel just in terms of its apparent workmanship. I compared the chamber to the factory chamber, thnking maybe it would have more support and sharper edges than my 9mm barrel on the feed ramp area. Per my eye, it had the same amount of case support, and the ramp was more blended into the chamber. It looks as if it would be more reliable than the factory barrel even. The 45 cal worl barrel, it was fully supported with a different feed ramp angle. I actually worked it a little to make it more like the factory ramp/chamber so that I wouldn't be giv
  7. lol, it seems that my front sight was dragging on the underside of this optic mount pretty bad. I took a little off both, I bet that will clear it up. I'll have to test it out again.
  8. they said all springs are the same strength for all caliber cans. The can is the same weight, or even lighter than the long 9mm version of the can. He suggeted it might be the fit of the barrel is a little too tight in the slide. The thing did say fitting may be required, it is a storm lake, and it didin't seem to want to go in readily when I first tried. Otherwise a weaker action spring might help inclese slide velocity??
  9. so I would need a stronger or a weaker piston spring?? thx for your replies
  10. G17, storm lake barrel, osprey 45 can. Lubed gun & piston well. Acts about the same w/ 115g WWB ball and 147g Gold dot. ejection is weak, forward left/up. What do? If I go w/ maybe a 14 lb action spring, does anyone make a plastic guide rod like hte OEM so it will flex w/ the damn dust cover or is a metal rod the only option? Thx
  11. I probably want to do another F1. Is eforms working? the ATF alreay has a formal draft of the responsible persons app form... Is it working as shitty as before? Are there certain browsers you cannot use, certain times of day you cannot be doing it etc?? Thx
  12. I just want you all to know I am pefectly straight and that I don't find the vagina scary at all. If you saw my big muscles you would have no doubt about my heterosexuality!
  13. TA DA! now you all know that I am not gay, I have never been gay, I will never be gay. Just wanted that to be clear.
  14. test nuts, I think its too big. 1024kb max for a gif? I'll have to resize it I guess...
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