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  1. Thanks, Rangemaster.......The one I eventually select will also have to mount directly in line with the bore on my IZ 132. Don't want anything that is offset left or right.
  2. Thanks, Ethan. Another factor I'm considering is which one will fit centrally over the bore without having to be modified.
  3. This belongs here, not in the VEPR section.......sorry! http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/95219-arsenal-sm-13-or-rsregulate-310-wakr/&do=findComment&comment=995985
  4. Hi guys - Newb here from GA with a new Saiga IZ 132 I purchased last month. Just had to have an AK variant that could eat up & spit out that cheap 7.62x39 steel case Russian ammo. Plan on using it primarily for paper punching from a bench at my range, since I have other AR setups and long ranged bolt actions. Decided not to do the conversion, but added a thumbhole adjustable skeleton stock and an SGM tri-rail forearm, I'll prolly leave it at that. Never thought I could get attached to an AK variant like this, but this Russian babe has me under her spell! Really was surprised how well she
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