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  1. Discrete PayPal preffered, all prices include usps priority with tracking number Aero precision ultra lightweight 30mm cantilever red dot mount, like new mounted once, never fielded. $65 Saiga 762x39 take off rear sight leaf $17 B-square 30mm utility rings set, one mounted, one brand new $10 Centurion arms handguard rail covers (5) $10 Weapontech advanced bolt hold open AK followers (9) $40 Lasermax green laser picatinny sight $80 Authentic HK Rear sight drum (no base or spring) $20 Fortis qd sling mount $22 http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t544/thelosticon/for%20sale/2015-02-21%2017.32.58_zpsqum2lyaf.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t544/thelosticon/for%20sale/2015-02-21%2017.32.38_zps4cmyw6vn.jpg http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t544/thelosticon/for%20sale/2015-02-21%2017.24.03_zpsaruqmwlp.jpg
  2. There's barely any play after the 15th round is in, just enough slack to insert mag on a closed bolt, never had any drop out even from prone
  3. No adhesive, theres an internal coupler that I make out of an injected molded thermalpolymer that gets four roll pins through both mag bodies, and then a jb mix on top to fill the gap between the ribs, topped off with an epoxy grit spray and duracoat.
  4. its my own coupled design, im in a high cap ban state. they are 2 15 round tapcos, well 10 round tapcos to be exact with a shortened follower. End result is a 30 round magazine that is the same size as a 30 round but only 15 are fed continuously
  5. yea, for us poor souls that cannot be trusted with 30 rounds
  6. its the mission first tactical battlelink minimalist stock
  7. if you look closely next to the BSMIL logo on the stock you'll see my pin
  8. these are 2 15rd tapco's coupled end to end. the bond is permanent and irreversible. total capacity is 30 rounds. please note ONLY 15 rounds will feed continuously. same exact size as a standard 30rd mag. if you are interested in a CA 10+10 or NY 7+7 version let me know. price is firm at $60 plus shipping
  9. heres what it boils down down to. No adjustable, telescoping or side-folding stock, no bayonet lug, no flash hider, muzzle break ok, but must be pinned, no magazine over 15 rounds. On sagas 12's no pistol grip of any kind, including thumbhole stocks. All other NFA rules don't apply as NJ does not recognize any heres my nj legal saiga
  10. I have a bunch of things I no longer have a use for. Any questions or additional pics please contact me. Discreet PayPal preferred lot of 2 ak mag couplers (1) SGM Tactical (1)Mission First Tactical $10 shipped Command Arms Accessories extended magazine release $8 shipped SKD PIG plate carrier multicam cumberbund $20 shipped Magpul gen2 mbus set in fde $50 shipped Rock River Arms a2 pistol grip (no screw) $5 shipped Surefire Light with red filter and led drop in (6p body bored out for 18650 battery)$85 shipped
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