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  1. So I took it out to the range, and it's worse than before, I think. FTE all over the place. After deciding that I wasn't comfortable removing more metal from it, I replaced the Tapco hammer with the original and will give it a whirl with this configuration in hopes of resolving the problem. Man, getting the springs back in that thing is a pain!!!
  2. Another: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/20/news/kalashnikov-made-in-usa/
  3. http://24today.net/open/280462 (need translation better than google translator)
  4. So I bought my son an air gun cleaning kit that had a set of socketed screwdriver heads, and those work infinitely better at gripping the screws over the household screwdriver I had used initially. I had no idea there was such a big difference between screwdrivers. I finally got around to pulling the FCG and worked the awful hump out of the Tapco hammer (and polished things up as best as I was able) in hopes that this will clear up the FTE issue that I experienced only after my conversion. Now to try to find some time to sneak off to the range.
  5. So I took my weapon out to the range with the wife the other day, and, on gas setting "1, " it had significant trouble ejecting the Suprema 00, which it previously ate all day long without issue. I field stripped the weapon and cleaned and lubed it really well in hopes of resolving the newly developed FTE problem. The gas piston had significant resistance in movement . . . how much/little play should that part have in the gas tube? Any helpful ideas that don't require the removal of the fire control group?
  6. http://news.yahoo.com/russian-state-arms-maker-sell-plant-bypass-western-195534833.html
  7. LOL, OK, please indulge a new member with some reasoning behind the animosity towards CTD.
  8. That is really good info on the hollow ground screwdriver. I wish that I had known about that at the time. Thanks! Here is a pic of my weapon, as converted: I'm planning on painting the iron sights for better target acquisition at some point in the near future . . . after deciding upon a color. This is a close-up of adding the magpul QD socket to the Tapco collapsible stock:
  9. CRDad

    SAM 0003 Copy

    Magpul QD socket installed on Tapco collapsible stock

    © CRDad

  10. CRDad

    SAM 0002 Copy

    my converted weapon

    © CRDad

  11. They're under $16 at cheaperthan dirt (I bought 2 that totaled $40 including shipping . . . received them 2 days after purchase).
  12. I will start by saying that I am probably the most mechanically DISinclined person you may ever meet; however, armed with the information I got from this forum and from youtube, I was recently able to complete the conversion of my weapon - with the assistance of my wife's tools, that is. In hopes that someone out on the interweb may one day benefit, I post a few observations. 1. After reading at length over the gas port issues some people have had, I was worried that I might suffer a similar fate. As soon as I rec'd my weapon, I immediately opened the gas plug to inspect the situation. I h
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