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  1. Happy birthday! Wish you luck with your housing situation.
  2. China=bad gov/good citizens U.s.=bad gov/good citizens U.s. gov tortures people, kills children(drones,bombing,gunfire.."collateral damage"), sh*ts on the constitution, protects enables and empowers abusive police forces, protects poppy fields to produce heroin for profit, "captures" aka steals oil and resources, spies on enemies,spies on allies, spies on u.s citizens etc etc. Whats your point? So if your a u.s. citizen than you are guilty of the govs crimes? Those that follow immoral orders, enforce immoral laws and bow to their handlers are as guilty as those giving the orders. Then aft
  3. Talk about justice! Say what you want about china but these chinese people deserve respect. China-bad gov, good people. Same thing with the u.s. http://filmingcops.com/china-police-beat-a-woman-men-begin-killing-cops-on-the-streets/ You want to beat and kill innocent people, defenseless, weak, elderly, children, women, men that are handcuffed, outnumbered and unarmed? They inject race to distract from the real issue and Real enemy.
  4. They do have multiple photos of him pointing the gun. True the story is based on what the protesters witnessed but do you really expect the cops to hold a press conference about how theyve been infiltrating the crowds undercover with the intent of inciting riots/looting? More looting, more riots, more violence = more overtime, more funding, more power. They have the cops on video beating kelly thomas to death but they got away with that. I guess since it wasnt official police footage then it cant be credible. If youre unfamiliar with the story of kelly thomas, google it but be prepared
  5. Undercover cops caught trying to incite rioting/looting in california. Cops pulls gun on protesters when they blow his cover, what a turd. http://www.infowars.com/undercover-cops-attempt-to-incite-looting-pull-gun-on-icantbreathe-protesters/ Once again, you wont see this on fox,cnn,msnbc. Now go back to watching football.
  6. Ebola is still a live and real threat, but the people have been distracted by riots, illegal aliens and black friday deals. Dont forget the usual suspects like sports and brainless t.v. programming (literaly).
  7. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qnEZ6FdE9mE Jfk on secret societies, secret oathes and secret proceedings. Talk about keeping it real!
  8. High quality polymer is acceptable (glock) but two plus pieces of questionable plastic held together with screws sounds crappy imo. Kind of like a factory saiga mag v.s. the aftermarket ones that are two pieces screwed together. Or circle10 v.s. tapco or sgm, they might work but I wouldnt trust my life to them if at all possible. If you go polymer make sure you use a high quality formula along the lines of glock or circle 10
  9. Isnt the kushnapup two plastic halves screwed together? Looks cheap. How is the trigger linkage? Are the mags easily inserted/dropped? Is the mag release and saftey easily manipulated? The ability to add keymod rails as needed would be nice and cut back on unecessary weight.
  10. Sell them like a stripped ar lower, where you could drop your s12 internals in would be awesome! Or you could build it up with parts if they ever get around to making the necessary parts aftermarket. Bolt carriers are already availible.
  11. Custom, purpose built reciever with s12 internals? Springs already behind the bolt, theres already mags availible. Design the reciever for a bullpup config from the begining. Easily inserted/dropped magwell mags, easily manipulated mag release and safety and a well thought out trigger will be key.
  12. Interesting. Surely the threat of death or imprisonment played a part in the germans going along with it and following such orders. Unfortunately they didnt have the choice to enlist,serve and obey the orders of their masters, unlike todays millitary. Unless you consider, enlist or we kill and or imprison you and your family and children a choice.
  13. Dont worry all those aliens obongo just legalized will be joining the millitary too. Watch out white folks.
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