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  1. Got 3 approvals today for my eforms submission. Took 36 days
  2. Mailed three form4's and e submited four form1's, so we'll see how long till i can start choping and saving my hearing...
  3. New here, but have owned my saiga for a bit over two years. it is already heavily modified. I joined here to gather information on converting it to an SBS. As you guys can see it has a ChaosUSA quad with hindged top cover that is attached to the dust cover as well as their hk style sights. It has a coversion kit from CSS and a crappy tapco stock as well as some polishing and reliability parts.
  4. Yesterday I was able to up load all my trust documents for 4 form 1's and was able to successfully save them. Tonight when the site oens back up I should be able to certify and pay my fee.
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