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  1. Ok will do thanks guys. i am really sorry to keep asking this but i am not going to run a god damn buffer. i just need to know how much trunnion smack is ok and if the guns life will be affected by it..i am going to be running mostly 7n6 for now.
  2. recoil spring can damage the front trunnion. spring made by wolff.
  3. pmc 855 has been known to be waaay hotter than federal xm 855. So hot that I have had popped primers and about 3000 fps out of a 14.5 inch barrel (pinned brake)
  4. I really like that..a little flashy but I like it. what kind of stock is that?
  5. Oh that didnt happen you are lieing man cat..oh thats fake i dont see how that could of happened your a liar you must have used pliers to bend it, BAAHH!! I just dont believe that.. Sorry mancat just trying to be like a few other people here at the forum that question every god damn thing..
  6. Haha you are funny you know. Some weekends I shot 1000 rounds in one sitting. Other times more. I shoot every weekend not every day. Those were your words not mine, but guess what, I do not care what goes on your head, I was sharing with everyone what a saiga can can handle. Did not expect to get ridiculed about it but ya know there are people in the world that everyone will encounter in their life time that are different, so you guys can question all you want, I would love to be a psychological profiler to understand where your minds are. Its all good though. You guys can argue amongst your s
  7. Indeed. That is my couch rifle case. A little awkward packing it to the range but it works.
  8. ok fine.. Here she is..her name is Helga. Im done with the conversion. Keeping the stock hand guard.
  9. Just got done with my conversion. It looks sweet. I kept the original handgaurd used kvar buttstock (warsaw length) arsenal trigger single stage with the bulgarian hammer, (yes I am 922gRrreat) Has anybody used this trigger and hammer? I really like it. It seems to ride higher than the stock saiga one therefor probly helping with the thrust of the bolt carrier into the trunnion (yep worry wort me). I am happy with my decision. This is awesome. Should I buy up as much 7n6 as possible?
  10. Cool thanks a lot for that tip. I think I will just shoot 500 rounds then check it again. It isnt really mashin up the tip of the bullet that bad anymore.
  11. OK. Ya I like the master piece guy. But alright I'll just shoot it. But if it malfunctions IMa start polishing s***
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