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  1. jjanest1

    Effective Muzzle Brakes?

    Nice picture. Is that a perm. fix with the rivets or does it look like that and treaded on.
  2. jjanest1

    Look for S12 wood stock

    Thanks Deadeye. I guess they don't call you Deadeye for nothing. Good looking out. I looked at the site and ordered a set of the AK-47 rifle wood set. I know that I'll have to do some modification but was wondering if I order the wrong pieces. Anyway I also PM Cobra for the upper metal HG. Again,thanks man.
  3. jjanest1

    Steel vented upper HG's $20

    PM sent for one of those HG. Thanks
  4. jjanest1

    Look for S12 wood stock

    Wow!!! Thats what I'm talking about. Maybe we can make a deal, monetary wise, that is.
  5. jjanest1

    Look for S12 wood stock

    I intend to convert it but trying to gather all parts and install as they come. The bolt and trigger group is being polished as of this time and ordered other parts to convert. I'll check out Alex to see if he can help me. I have one which was already converted when I bought it but am trying to get the experience of converting myself. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. jjanest1

    Look for S12 wood stock

    I've looked on every site that I can think of to buy wood furniture for my unconverted S12. Every site says sold out. do anyone have or know of where I can buy finished wood for my piece? Thanks, Lee