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  1. ok thanks for the info and help fella's I appreciate it
  2. ok I appreciate the info if you had a choice of getting one of the two which would it be and what would be a good price in your opinion there both in good condition the draco is in very good condition
  3. I have a chance to get 2 century made ak 47 pistols one has the markings on both sides of the receiver and the other has markings on only one side. the One that has the markings on both sides has on the left side Draco-C 7.62x39 on the right side it has Made By C.N. ROMARM S.A. / CUGIR IN ROMANIA IMPORTED BY CAI GEORGIA, VT The one with the markings on only one side of the receiver has the markings on the left side CENTURY INTERNATIONAL ARMS, INC. Mod: AK PISTOL Cal: 7.62x39 NO: AKM###### D.C. Industries, Inc. Saint Paul, MN USA it has a Tapco G2 trigger and no wood on the gas tube just tryi
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