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  1. Thanks for the Info. I will contact them. Bill at Centerfire is working hard on this for me. They were temporally the Dist for this Akdal and now the manufacture of Akdal in Turkey says "European American Arms" is the Dist but if you ask EAA, they will say no. If Bill comes through I will be buying 3 sets of Bolts (or Locking Bolts) new or used at any cost and will send him a cake for his work. Keep in mind I know the BOLT is still strong, lots of metal around the area of the crack (gap). Its the snapped "Locking Bolt" I need the most. I will keep everyone posted as to where I find my
  2. Would just be easier cheaper to buy another XN just for parts only? no but our billet machined bolt would be $200.00 in small run numbers it needs to be half that with a little profit for my work to be a viable product Its has to use our lock as well, and also uses our extractor (part of why so spendy) $200 dollars sounds ok for me? BUT I also need the Locking Block. I have already spent hundreds on top of original price. I would hate to piss that away and have a dead gun. Ive contacted an old supplier, Centerfire, Bill is working hard for me and Im willing to Buy 3 Bolts or
  3. Would just be easier cheaper to buy another XN just for parts only?
  4. Good day! First let me start by saying, I love this gun. I have put almost 1000 rounds (50/50 slugs 1650fps w/3" slugs) thru it since purchase 7 months. I assume the wear on the Bolt more normal but the Locking Block probably the due to slugs. Yes I have a Bolt Crack and Locking Block snapped into 2. Im looking for replacement parts with out having to buy a new gun just for a parts gun. RAAC it appears in non existent and all shops have just guns for sale with no parts help due to RAAC gone I have read this gun copied its bolt from a Charles Daly semi auto. I have seen pics of the
  5. I have the same issue but worse. I have a 2mm gap in mine as well as the breech lock brok in 2 pieces. I need a complete bolt assembly. Any ideas where I can find that? Raac went out of business or all contact info for Raac doesn't exist anymore.
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