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  1. if you go by the features, you can only have one feature. now I'm no lawyer, but I play one on the internet and I slept at a HOLIDAY INN, once . but to me, it seems that if you can make it so that the magazine no longer detachable and can't hold more then 7 "rounds" then you can put a thumbhole stock on it. possibly a pistol grip but the questions becomes, what do they consider "fixed magazine" and how do you load the mag if it is fixed? disclaimer: don't take this as legal advice. I don't believe the defense, "but your honor, Matthew Hopkins on the SAIGA 12 board said it will be OK" will fly Lol. I'll keep my detachable mags for now. I'm only living in this dumb state for one more year then I'm moving to VT. I'll deal with the grip for now I suppose. Thanks for everyones help!
  2. according to your new law thumbhole stocks is not a "grey area", they consider that as a "assault weapon feature" go to Pg 3, the definitions is there http://www.nypdcea.org/pdfs/NYSP_Safe_Act_Field_Guide.pdf Damn. Well, reading through that section, it says nothing about a pistol grip? (For semi-auto shotguns)...what does this mean? Pistol grips are OK on shotguns?
  3. http://www.desertfoxsales.com/SLR95_BUTT_STOCK_p/dfs-240b.htm Found that. There is no way it's $20 is it?
  4. Hey guys - After looking around for my first gun I settled on the Saiga 12. One of the very (If one of the only) tactical semi-auto shotguns I can get in NYS. I plan on upgrading the handguard to add some rails and maybe some internals but for the most part I really need to ditch the stock. It's uncomfortable to hold/shoot. I know pistol grips are illegal in NYS and from what I've read thumbhole stock are a grey area. My question is where would I find this style particular stock? I know there are some funky looking ones and maybe a wood one or two but I'm really keen on that style. Would an AK style thumbhole stock work as well? For reference here is the one I purchased - http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Saiga-IZ109-Shotgun&i=617769 Thanks for your help.
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