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  1. if you go by the features, you can only have one feature. now I'm no lawyer, but I play one on the internet and I slept at a HOLIDAY INN, once . but to me, it seems that if you can make it so that the magazine no longer detachable and can't hold more then 7 "rounds" then you can put a thumbhole stock on it. possibly a pistol grip but the questions becomes, what do they consider "fixed magazine" and how do you load the mag if it is fixed? disclaimer: don't take this as legal advice. I don't believe the defense, "but your honor, Matthew Hopkins on the SAIGA 12 board said it will b
  2. according to your new law thumbhole stocks is not a "grey area", they consider that as a "assault weapon feature" go to Pg 3, the definitions is there http://www.nypdcea.org/pdfs/NYSP_Safe_Act_Field_Guide.pdf Damn. Well, reading through that section, it says nothing about a pistol grip? (For semi-auto shotguns)...what does this mean? Pistol grips are OK on shotguns?
  3. http://www.desertfoxsales.com/SLR95_BUTT_STOCK_p/dfs-240b.htm Found that. There is no way it's $20 is it?
  4. Hey guys - After looking around for my first gun I settled on the Saiga 12. One of the very (If one of the only) tactical semi-auto shotguns I can get in NYS. I plan on upgrading the handguard to add some rails and maybe some internals but for the most part I really need to ditch the stock. It's uncomfortable to hold/shoot. I know pistol grips are illegal in NYS and from what I've read thumbhole stock are a grey area. My question is where would I find this style particular stock? I know there are some funky looking ones and maybe a wood one or two but I'm really
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