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  1. http://www.zastava-arms.rs/sites/default/files/ap_m21_cela_0.png m 90 is on base of m 70 series of rifles, m 21 is a bit diferent, but stil kalasnikov sistem. here is link of standard isue for serbian army.
  2. This is not m21 , this is m70 sporter in 5,56... m 21 is something other.
  3. Striker0946 perhaps you do not speak about things about you do not know a thing. this is malta, not a EU, here apply local rules and local law. as a licenced target shooter I have right to have magazine wich can take up to 5000 rounds, because that is limit of ammunition wich I can have in my possesion. magazines do not have numbers and are not considered as a gun parts for wich need a licence. that say local law... other thing, all EU and USA imposed sanctions on Russia, malta is exception so I can buy pretty much anything coming from there. my thing is that I want serbian magazines and as it look like I going to have them thru local gun shop. From where you got that we can't have auto loading guns and magazines wich holds only 3 round??? My saiga m3 came with 10 round magazine for a kick off... so please, if you have to say something on a subject of Serbian bho magazines, you are more than welcome. if you want to discuss malta firearms regulations and law, no problem, we open a new topic an we discuss. thank you.
  4. I see that, and I understand that US is a huge market and yor dealers do not have any need to hustle them self for such minor pice of work... any how, I will stay persistent and sooner or later will find my magazines. I contacted zatava and they export distributor so will see. thank you for your answers.
  5. My bad for double tread, was clumsy ... isis!? No no no, if they find out from where I am probably my head will fly away within seconds. I am from malta, living here for past 9 years, I am married and have kid, I am serbian, 35 year old... recently I make my fire arm licence , was extremely lucky to find over here saiga m3 exp01. Since was in serbian army and was living in harmony with m 70 ab2 for a while, I clearly understood what is good about that particular type of magazine. so I am not a fanatic isis butcher and not a guy witch was banned million of times, just a new guy wich searching for magazimes for his new fire arm. I google it a bit, will for sure do it more, but I tought it's a smart idea to ask. hope I make now more clear of my self and my intentions. Thank you
  6. Looking for those if any body know who stock them in european union ? Bottom line if any of US dealers have them and do shipping to europe. Any info will be of great help. Thanks . Matilda
  7. Any idea where in europe (european union) to sorce those yugoslavian 30 rounders??? Or at least who from US is shipping them to europe.
  8. Rest of the world.... I do not hate american people, I do not have a reason for that and I do not know them that well to can judge. I hate american hungry for everything politics, hate that goverment going around and making war after war after war... why? Because someone on tv shed "he is tyrant and a terrorist" , or "they are a rough country" or "regime" or after all , witch was in my case, witch I feel it on my skin "we bomb them for humanitarian reasons"... give me a brake! So i am pretty sure americans are a victim of media in a new world order. Last few years are not so good for you guys. American people are not satisfied and it seem to go even worse. Some one shed "those countrys suck" and I shed some of as are ready to die for those countries. in this world have more people and american monster politics das not see them of its own big belly. this in ferguson is one sad story and I hope it will stop soon. is nothing more bad, of going of brothers up on each other. do not be afraid that russians will nuke us, or china will make massive atack, of korea... no one will touch you and your country. keep your eyes in your yard , solve this problem untill it das not grow in something much bigger and rest of the world will survive without us democracy. Hope no one will take it bad my word. regards
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