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  1. Repubs are usually less turdy of sandwches, less communist than the left, but with "choices" and their Rhinos are making people on the right thicker and thicker.
  2. Let's hear your story too Stryker.... I've had run-ins with a lot of bad things in dreamland, but not in waking life. Although I did wake up with something sitting on my chest and trying to choke me one night (no, not the wife). For whatever reason, I was not panicked at all.... at the moment it even seemed comical this thing was trying to hurt me. I laughed at it and told it, "Jesus is coming.... you better run!" It worked. Same thing happened to me once, actually there is a medical term for this. When you sleep, some signals are disconnected from brain going to your mu
  3. Go Bibi, Barry gets another black eye for spending US taxes on financing terrorist lovers. While I don't exactly approve of 8mil/day going to Israel, US sends more aid to Pakistan of all places.
  4. DLT, that's a very interesting story. The fact that guy didn't take any money makes it more believable. Very cool and thank you for sharing!
  5. I was looking for alternative S12 mags and I'm shocked that none are available yet. patents can be circumvented, by changing the design enough that it doesn't violate the original patent. or if the patent holder fails to pay a "maintenance fee" during the patent period (20 years), then the patent isn't protected any longer. or the patent holder "sells" the patent to another company, for a share per unit ETC...., but still retains the rights. I know that PRO-MAG didn't wait no 20 years for MDA patent to run out, to make S12 drums. so either the design is different, or MDA didn't ke
  6. yes, please, a full background story would be nice. There are a couple of things here, the "telekinesis" and "healing".
  7. Persians hate when you call them Arabs. May be Wookie was trying to piss off Barry who is more arab than Lizzie is indian.
  8. I'm "represented" by communists, writing and calling them gets back nothing more than a template responce on how they are committed to ban all guns.
  9. this thing was out for a while, I remember watching it like at least a year ago. There are some funnies, I just don't remember what.
  10. if someone would tell me even in the 80s that SU would fall, I'd be laughing real hard. One knock at the time, we have to push and knock and knock. Take note of every traitor, forget nothing, forge forward. Change is usually brought not by a large majority but a well determined minority.
  11. I completely agree with that. The reaction is usually defensive, like green tip ban results in some temporary outrage, lots of letters until ATF says "ok, we'll listen to your comments before making out decision." The course of action should be to completely defund those dickheads and drive that initiative now until it's done. These mini-bans are small encroachments, little at a time to tighten the nuts quarter turn at a time. Wish I had a dollar for every anti-gun article that started with those words. yep, that one is GOLD. Was he a "warmint hunter?" like our local POS Mitt
  12. There was a documentary on the true king of England who lives in Australia and drives a fork lift. The researcher was going by documented blood lines. The big problem with current linkeage is that at some point, (forgetting who exactly) they had two bastards without a legit claim to the throne and of dubious bloodline, so technically the queen doesn't even have the royal blood (never mind being a German) Russian Tsars had plenty of German in them too. Cath the great is one good example, German born she didn't even speak Russian before getting to St. Pete's. The real deal is this "royal
  13. it's not like UK is making anything aside from building communism, may be a few weeks off will do some good for them to find their balls, the ones they lost long time ago.
  14. she is just an ordinary peasant, not an important person like Bloomturd or some politician who has a security detail at his side at all times.
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