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  1. I thought this was reasonable priced, but I guess not or everyone has an extra bolt
  2. No longer for sale, keeping it
  3. Thanks I cross posted it since there is no interest.
  4. This whole country is full of liberal faggy communist. And now you got the raghead in office wanting Isreal to give the Gaza Strip to Hamas Terrorist. This world is about explode one of these days.
  5. Quick payment, GTG
  6. New, never used 2 AGP Gen II 10rd S12 mags $55 shipped USPS or Discrete PP.
  7. Damn Chile I thought you would have snatched this up
  8. Brand new S12 bolt still in palatsic bag $250 USPS MO or Discrete PP
  9. The 12rd mag is sold. The rest of the package is still available for $2200
  10. PM answered. It's for a Saiga 12